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    Running Amiga emulation in just 15 minutes.

    Best compatibility for game consoles.
    On the AmigaCD32 nearly all known Amiga games are accessible.
    Over 150 special CD32 versions shine with improved graphics and additional AddOns.
    Special Compilation-CDs with more than 20 years of "AmigaCD32 WHD-Load" experience guarantee a lot of fun.
    Due to the natural limitation of the missing mouse and keyboard, these games and Compilation-CDs are 100% made for Recalbox.

    Have a lot of fun.

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    @Ratte please, read the forum rules! You should not post links to copyrighted content!

  • @paradadf said in AMIGA CD32 EMULATION - HOW TO -:

    @Ratte please, read the forum rules! You should not post links to copyrighted content!

    Sorry for that, i changed the archive.
    (-) bios and iso replaced by 0 byte placeholders
    (+) added rpi1 & rpi2 to the existing rpi3 binary

    Have fun.

  • @Ratte
    Hi there!
    I can confirm the instructions are perfect and that its adds CD32 functionality to Recalbox within minutes.

    All the games I have tested seem to exit back to the menu perfectly. Just a pity this isnt included as part of the "standard" / default Recalbox install!

    I am however having problems with a lot of games.
    The ones that are "standalone" .iso files load no problem, but ones that have .wav files do not seem to play the audio.

    Using [title removed] as an example, the cue file starts off with:

    FILE "[title removed](Track 01 of 10)[!].iso" BINARY
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    Then it has the audio tracks all listed, ie
    FILE "[title removed](Track 02 of 10)[!].wav" WAVE
    (then track 3 to 10).

    Yet, no audio plays, so I though Id just burn the iso and wav files to a cd using Nero, then re-rip the cd image to give me a .cue and .bin file like all the regular cd images for the Mega CD, PC Engine CD, PSX etc, but when I put those files in the folder, the cue file doesnt even show up as a game?!
    Any help / suggestions would be most appreciated!

  • @RustyMG
    nice to have a feedback.
    Amiga seems to be not very interresting on recalbox.
    However I had the same problem with multifile games.
    I will update the "how to" and the archiv, with a newer version.
    The solution is to change the "iso" detection in some settings and scripts against a "cue" detection and everything works fine.
    At the moment I am doing some testruns with bigger multifile images.

  • @Ratte
    I have lots of images of cd32 games with .wav and .mp3 files in addition to the .cue and .iso if you want any help with testing.

    Pity every iso of Super Putty does not appear to work.
    I have a lengthy list of iso's that do and don't work if anyone needs it.

  • Actual testresults:
    50+ games are working without problems.

    Some games with different problems...
    The Super Stardust Intro is killing UAE4ARM & Recalbox.
    Others with gfx-glitches or no responce ...
    Surf Ninjas
    Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Pinball
    Beneath a Steel Sky
    Jungle Strike - The Sequel to Desert Strike
    The Seven Gates of Jambala
    PGA European Tour
    Chambers of Shaolin
    Star Crusader
    Last Ninja 3
    The Lost Vikings

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    @Ratte everyone of those work in amiga 600 or 1200. For Surf Ninjas try activating in the menuNTSC

  • @RustyMG
    Here is the short version of the CUE fix.

    Change the AmigaCD32 "iso" Extension section against:

        <extension>.cue .Cue .CUE</extension>

    change line 19:

    if [ "$romType" == "cue" ]; then

    Thats it.
    (Now, all games work with a cue file.)

  • @Ratte Hi,
    Lines 19, 20 and 21 are:
    if [ "$romType" == "iso" ]; then
    if [ ! -f "$romPath/$uaeName" ]; then

    So, if I change the iso reference to .cue , how will all the iso files I have load, as Ive just overwritten the only reference I can see for iso loading?

    If I kept the above 3 lines, but ADDED the following "loop" below, would that work?

    if [ "$romType" == "cue" ]; then
    if [ ! -f "$romPath/$uaeName" ]; then

    Also, do I not need to edit line 5 of es_systems.cfg to include a reference to .cue?
    I thought Id need to change it to :

    <extension>.iso .Iso .ISO .cue .Cue .CUE</extension>

    No? That way, both iso AND cue files can be loaded?

    Oh, I had a typo in my other post - all versions of Putty Squad dont seem to work...

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    @RustyMG yes it would work like that

  • If you combine ISO and CUE detection, the result will be equal to the older PSX-emulation in RB4.1 pre 2017.
    You will see double listed games from CUE games with ISO tracks inside ...
    The better way is to use only CUE.

    Simply create a CUE for your existing ISO files and everything is fine.


    TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    Thats all and it is a clean solution.

    -- Also, do I not need to edit line 5 of es_systems.cfg to include a reference to .cue?

    • /etc/emustation/es_systems.cfg
    • Change the AmigaCD32 "iso" Extension section against:
    • <extension>.cue .Cue .CUE</extension>

  • @Ratte Hi yeah that makes sense.
    The only problem Is that I now have 64 cue files to create, and some of my iso's were .img files, which id changed to .iso to load , but, the .iso files data in the cue file for these types isn't 2048, but is 2352, so will need to try and establish exactly what files they were.
    Fun fun fun.....

  • @RustyMG
    I am sorry, but hopefully it is the last "BIG" change.

  • @Ratte
    Oh it's fine!
    I've been working on my setup for 3 months, so this is only a minor job!
    I now have about 40 game "rips" with .wav files to try.
    Of the ones that work I intend to recode the wav files to mp3 files as the space savings will be HUGE, then it should just be a matter of changing the wav references in the cue files to mp3.
    I noticed the rare Xenon 2 full cd rip with cd audio in the bin file doesn't work and I know it's an ntsc game - going by another post above, are ntsc games not booting?

  • @RustyMG
    Enter your archive name in one of the lists for req. videomode.
    (btw. no longer ISO ... take the CUE-name)

    This will stretch NTSC to screenfilling games.
    UAE is running in a real NTSC emulation.

    In future this list will be obsolete, a better idea is a CUE-file integration of videomodes.
    But meanwhile ist good for testing.

    BTW. I have no problems with NTSC games in PAL config ....

  • Update.
    Ive now tested 99% of the available CD32 releases, deleting the no loaders / corrupt audio games as I went.
    Of the ones that worked, I choose 3 at random with lots of large audio WAV files, and re encoded the audio tracks to 192k mp3 files, and made the necessary changes in the cue file (a global replace saves time!)
    And, all 3 still seem to work perfectly, so I will be re encoding all WAV files and hope to save about 10gig of valuable space.
    Clearly those games will probably no longer work on a real actual CD32, but that's not an issue for myself.

  • The first special cd32 versions I have successfully tested.
    (Not included CDTV games like Defender of the Crown I&II or WHDLoad Compilation CDs with tons of A500/1200 games)

    Alfred Chicken
    Alien Breed - Tower Assault
    Alien Breed 3D
    Alien Breed Special Edition & Qwak
    Arabian Nights
    Arcade Pool
    Base Jumpers
    Big 6, The
    Brian the Lion Starring in Rumble in the Jungle
    Brutal - Paws of Fury
    Brutal Football
    Bubba 'N' Stix
    Bubble and Squeak
    Cannon Fodder
    Chaos Engine, The
    Chuck Rock
    Classic Lotus Trilogy, The
    Clue!, The
    D-Generation v1.0
    Dangerous Streets & Wing Commander
    Darkseed v1.1
    Death Mask
    Deep Core v1.01
    Diggers & Oscar
    Disposable Hero
    Emerald Mines
    Fields of Glory
    Final Gate, The
    Fire & Ice - The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote
    Fire Force
    Fly Harder
    Frontier - Elite II v1.10
    Fury of the Furries
    Global Effect
    Grandslam Gamer Gold Collection
    Gunship 2000
    Heimdall 2
    International Karate
    International Open Golf Championship
    International Sensible Soccer - World Champions v1.2
    James Pond 2 - Robocod
    James Pond 3 - Operation Starfi5h
    John Barnes European Football
    Labyrinth of Time, The
    Manchester United - Premier League Champions v1.0CD
    Mean Arenas
    Myth - History in the Making
    Naughty Ones
    Nick Faldos Championship Golf
    Overkill & Lunar-C
    PGA European Tour
    Pierre le Chef is... Out to Lunch
    Pinball Fantasies
    Power Drive
    Prey - An Alien Encounter
    Project-X & F17 Challenge v2.0
    Rise of the Robots
    Ryder Cup by Johnnie Walker, The
    Sabre Team
    Simon the Sorcerer
    Soccer Superstars
    Strip Pot
    Subwar 2050
    Super League Manager
    Super Putty
    Total Carnage
    Trivial Pursuit - The CD32 Edition v1.0C
    UFO - Enemy Unknown
    Vital Light
    Will Bridge - Practice 1 - Initiation - Junior

    more to come ....

  • @Ratte
    Hi, you beat me to it with the list.
    However there are some listed there that load but do not run correctly.
    I have downloaded every standalone version of Fire and Ice going and all suffer serious audio glitching.
    Also, with every version of the Lotus Challenge Trilogy I have tried, Lotus 3 crashes after you have selected your car.
    My list has a good few more on it (I note you have more to follow) but between us I think we will have a definitive list of working games 🙂

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