Recalbox + iPAC2 + 2 player control

  • Hi All,

    Quick question that I don't think has been covered.
    As per the heading, I have an iPAC2 for my system. In the beginning I had trouble getting the configuration correct until I found an article that advised on downloading WiniPAC2 software and configure the iPAC outputs to be actual buttons, nit emulated keys. This worked a charm and I had one player up and running in no time.
    But now I am trying to get the second player controls working, I am finding two issues:

    1. when configuring the outputs as buttons through WiniPAC2, it only has option for one set of joystick controls (options are button0 - button32, joy UP, joy DOWN, joy LEFT, joy RIGHT). For the second joystick, would I set it with the joystick inputs only with 'iPAC shift' setting ticked or just have the four directions (U, D, L, R) as straight buttons?
    2. the most frustrating, when attempting to configure the second set of controls through the 'controller setup' in the options menu, It says it sees three gamepads but will only ever want to configure gamepad 1 ... Further to that, I keep setting in the 'controller setup' menu P1=iPAC and P2= iPAC, although the P2 setting never saves and keeps failing back to default of nothing...

    Any suggestions please???


  • For clarification, when I mentioned that they are configured as actual buttons, this is known as "Gamepad" mode in WiniPAC2.

  • Hi !

    The ipac has a big problem with gamepad mode : it can only be set for 1 player.

    But fear not ! Keep the default mappings (keyboard ones), and read the wiki concerning keyboard encoders in the mini howto section 🙂

  • Hi @Substring, thanks.

    I figured it was going to be something like that. Looks like it's back to keyboard emulation.

  • @Substring thanks I found that previously after I had changed to gamepad mode and was hoping I didnt have to remap again.
    Anyway all done and both player stations are working.
    Just having issues with getting the hotkey working now, which seems to ge a common problem also.


  • OK, so my hotkey is mapped as per the Keyboard encoder configuration (EN) that was linked above (currently Key_V, it tried KEY_3 but that didn't work).
    I have the hotkey connected to 1SW8 on the iPAC2, is this correct?

    appreciate and Suggestions/answers you can offer, thanks

  • @Substring Any suggestions please ?

  • Banned

    @crimsonblaed mine is mapped as default mapping as seen on ipac's website. Never understood what the mapping on the page was about.

    But i'm on a previous version of recalbox so maye it has changed before and i can't help you further.

    You shouldtest your buttons with evtest after configuring everything and check that every button is firing an event

  • @voljega thanks.

    What is evtest? Where would I find it?

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    @crimsonblaed it's a linux command you must connect to the pi in ssh or open a terminal and type it

  • @voljega, ahh cool, thats easy. Ill give it a go. cheers

    EDIT: OMG that was just the trick I needed, I have solved my issue and both players are working perfectly. Thanks for your suggestions @voljega they were truly helpful ..

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    @crimsonblaed noprob had a few weeks of scratching my head myself when I tried to make my ipac2 work, turns out if was just the line in recalbox.conf was doubled 😄

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