Startup Splash Screen/Video Glitched and Corrupted

  • I have a Odroid XU4 and have just installed Recalbox on the SD card but every time I start it it has this really weird flickering effect and glitch. I hope someone knows more about this than me and can help fix it.
    PS here is a video of whats happening (epilepsy warning)
    this also hapens on all videos and pictures not just this one.

  • @acropolis40 Hi, at this time this bug is not fix yet, it's related to Odroid XU4. Could be fix in a further release.
    Meawhile, don't worry and have a good game :)

  • @acropolis40 known problem, and it's a GPU driver problem, hardly any chance to be fixed before a loooooooooooooooooong time

  • Well that sucks I really like the Recalbox OS and this issue is the only thing that is stopping me from sticking with it . But I was trying to find a work around so I deleted everything out of the splash screen folder but when the system booted up this time it still displayed the corrupted image so is there another splash screen folder located somewhere else I hope if I delete this it should only display a black screen.
    On further note the Batocera OS that I believe is baced of Recalbox does not have this issue so maybe the devs can talk to those guys about borrowing some of there driver's I could be mistaken though.

  • @acropolis40 we'll never ever talk with batocera. Never in my life

  • @substring did they steal your OS

  • @acropolis40 long story, no need to brag about it

  • @substring Ok then thanks for the response guess i'l just have to try to find a work around.

  • I am having this same issue. As a temporary measure, I just removed the startup video while I wait for a fix.

  • @haphzrd Same but i'm still getting the same issue if its not a problem could you tell me exactly what files you deleted.

  • @acropolis40 @HapHzrd I setted system.splash.length=-1 in recalbox.conf
    That disabled video (against description) and no flicker at startup.

  • Any news from devs on this? I did try to make the duration that ES would play the video for longer but that didn't help. What you can do is replace the start up video with an mp4 that's just sound. Then you get a nice start up tune without fear of having a seizure and it's better than having nout at all.

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