Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Recalbox 18.04.20 is out!

  • Hi,
    My post from 5 minutes ago has vanished?
    I was asking @substring if the fatal memory leak bug was fixed in this release, as it was mentioned last week someone had discovered a fix just after it looked like it might take a while to track down.

  • Looks like there is a regression with XU4. It boots and works fine until i set up external storage (128GB USB3), then on reboot i get stuck on the boot screen (the one with date on bottom left and small logo at bottom center). I did not have this issue with previous versions.
    The problem appears both when doing an in place upgrade (in which case it gets stuck after reboot as i had external storage already set up) and with a brand new image (after setting up the storage as external).

  • Banned

    @rustymg @supernature2k should know :)

    on my side after testing dozens of games on fba_libretro and then mame, I saw the thermometer icon appear indicating the pi was overheating, didn't appear in previous version, but we'll see

  • Translator
    Translation Master

    Great update, really appreciate your work.
    I have noticed some points :)

    • Pop-Up messages could be visible a little bit longer. They dissapear quite fast
    • My clock in the main menu is 2h behind. Is it my Raspi which is somehow wrong? Isnt it possible to have the clock on the front view? (Where you see the systems, maybe with the current date)
    • This is maybe a bug: If I go to advanced settings and i move to the VRAM settings, the cursor just move further, just like I would keep my button pressed. It happens only on the vram entry in both directions. Can somebody confirm this?

  • @lackyluuk
    yes, the same for me. clock and moving

  • Holy f***!

    Battery status isn't even at the changelog and arrived on this version. You guys rock!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work with this wonderful project!

    alt text

  • Staff

    I‘m not sure this happened on the previous version (probably), but I just noticed you don‘t get the restart, shut down and fast shut down icons when you press START and QUIT, but you see the icons when you just press SELECT.

    And my clock is showing a wrong time altough my timezone is properly configured on recalbox.conf.

  • @butch2k I let it run all night long and it finally booted up. Looks like there is some kind of rom scanning or something which takes a hell lot of time.

  • I have problem with the last update. I have a problem with the last update. When I change the theme to the classic interface, the raspberry freezes and I have to unplug it as it does not respond. For it to work I have to keep the Next theme.

  • @voljega Ahhhh, thats right - it was @supernature2k that said "Ah ah clever man knows where to get info ;) Yes the fix will be included in next release coming anytime soon"
    Hope the fix is an undocumented addition to this release :-)

  • @rustymg some ppl forgot to cireectly amebd the changelog :o

  • Merci pour cette maj

    Vous avez déjà des idées d'utilisation des messages popups ?

  • Staff

    Hi all,

    The memory leak patch is included in this release.

    About the clock, it's a mistake, fix already found.
    It iscurrently gmt time... Oops

    @paradadf it's normal, icons only in select menu, not in any start submenus.

    Glad you like the battery thingy

    Clock won't move from main menu

    I can increase the popup time, current is 3 secs

    Help will be in pop up in next release

    There's an easter egg in this release...

  • @nicko qq unes oui, les idées sont les bienvenues

  • Theme designer

    @supernature2k I agree that 3 seconds for the pop up is a bit short, maybe 5 should be fine. Is there a way to modify it by ourselves ?
    Also, maybe it could be great is there will be a possibility to disable the pop up if someone want :)

  • Hi i was wondering what gpu is supported with this latest recalbox as most games work ok off my older i5 cpu but Nintendo game cube and psp games struggle and lag so i want to add a gpu to fix this so i can play all games on recalbox at 60fps what gpu do you recommend? As i have tryed one 6gb nivida gpu but it didnt work and would not boot into recalbox.

  • @trentv8 nothing changed yet regarding x86 supported hardware

  • @substring oh ok is there a list of gpus that have been tested that works? As i dont want to go out and buy a unsupported gpu? Cheers

  • ok so new to recalbox. I am running on old desktop via usb drive. I tired update and it froze. I reinstalled new version and now status is not connected even though I am using an Ethernet cable. also not showing any other storage devices which I have all my roms on separate usb stick. any ideas? not super tech savvy either

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