Michael Jackson's Moonwalker MAME

  • Why Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for mame doesnt work?

  • @fraunces Do you use the correct rom set? Is your rom valid and complete? Have you tested mwalkbl2 under fba_liberetro?

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    With Mame2003, (0.78), you must use the bootleg set of moonwalker. The parent rom and clones don't work.

  • @toniosj I put in the ROM folder a bootleg of Michael jackson and it did not work. In your recalbox is it working? Can you provide the rom? Thank you

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    @Rodrigo-Amaral I will start banning people that doesn't respect the forum rules! What's so difficult to understand!???

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    @Rodrigo-Amaral search in google romset mame 0.78

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    @paradadf said in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker MAME:

    @Rodrigo-Amaral I will start banning people that doesn't respect the forum rules! What's so difficult to understand!???

    I agree !
    Only 1 post, no presentation, no greetings ... in spanish: "muy maleducado" ...

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    Use rom of the romset 0.78 and change core and select mame4all

    asi funciona

  • Hello,

    By any chance, did someone test the solution proposed by Summunx "Use rom of the romset 0.78 and change core and select mame4all" ?
    I would be interested to have some enlightened view on this as I've been wondering myself how to make this one work ! đŸ”

  • Hi there,

    I just tried the solution proposed by Summunx. It works, I mean, actually, it partly works.

    I copied the following files I got from the romset :

    • moonwalk.zip
    • moonwlka.zip
    • moonwlkb.zip
      Apparently the last one : moonwlkb.zip is a bootleg (not really sure to understand what a bootleg is yet).
      I changed the emulator to LIBRETRO and the Core to IMAME4ALL to make it start (the 2 others don't, by the way).
      But when I start playing after a few seconds, it freezes and I'm forced to reboot the RPi.

    Further information on my configuration :
    Hardware : Raspberry Pi 3
    Recalbox : 4.0.2
    Romset : MAME2003_Reference_Set_MAME0.78
    Pad : USB, recognized as Xbox 360 (working fine with any other game by the way).

    Interesting fact : once rebooted, the preferred core and emulator are reset to "Default".
    I measured the game time, the game freezes after about 20 seconds of actual playtime. It won't freeze on demo mode.
    The freezing seems to appears at the random (just played for a few minutes without any freeze on my last attempt).
    Even then, when I voluntarily quit the game the core and emulator preferences were reset to Default.

    Further info : I didn't set the rewind option and if I let the game by itself (starting the game but not playing), the game goes on (I die countless times but it works)..

    Does someone know what's going on ? Is there a way to make it stable ? Is it specific to bootlegs ?

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    Nachtgarm already gave the answer. And everyone is still trying to make something else work.

  • @paradadf

    I know, you're totally right, Nachtgarm gave an answer earlier.
    The thing is that I don't have this specific rom he mentions in my romset, hence I tried with the ones I have with me and the hint of a solution proposed by Summunx.
    Don't worry, I won't ask for these specific roms (I know the rules).

    But before searching for that, I wanted to see if I could get the things I have to work and thought that it would be of interest for someone else facing the same situation.

    I didn't mean to be rude by going on with this topic, sorry if it was interpreted that way.

    Edit : in the meantime, I tried the solution proposed by Nachtgarm. It does start under FBALibretro (the mwalkbl12 rom). But the sound is very slow and distorted. I'll look deeper into this solution (I guess the sound issue is known and already mentioned somewhere in the forum).

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    @motenai79 you weren't rude. I just mentioned it because if the game doesn't work on mame2003, it just doesn't work. There is nothing you can do. And further, it doesn't make sense to use the 0.78 romset (for mame2003) with the imame4all emulator (which uses the 3b5-something XD romset, I don't remember the exact name). If you really want to try that emulator, use its romset and norhing else. That's how mame works.
    About fba_libretro. I tested the game myself, but only on 4.1 unstable and it works (the clone, not the parent). 4.1 uses fba instead of used by 4.0.X, so that might be the cause for the sound issues, or maybe you just didn't used the correct rom.

  • @paradadf
    Thank you for taking time to explain me all this.
    I'm fairly new in the whole retrogaming thing (even though I'm a heavy console/pc gamer), this whole Core / Emulator / romset thing is some new vernacular and lingo I still have to acquire and master.
    So, not knowing much yet, I test (a lot) and obviously I test irrelevant stuff (like the 0.78 romset on the imame4all emulator, which I understand now didn't make much sense).
    I wasn't aware that imame4all emulator also had its own romset, as you mentioned, I have so much to learn on this.
    Thanks for the info on the fba_libretro version of the game working on the v4.1 of Recalbox, I'll wait for the upgrade (no matter how long it takes). For the sound issue, I'd rather consider that I did something wrong (used a wrong rom) before blaming something else !

    A quick question though : when you mention "4.1 uses fba instead of used by 4.0.X", does it mean that we'll have to find a proper romset or the one we all have already will work (like retro-compatibility) ?

    Again, thank you for your time and more generally for all the advice and guidance you and your partners provide (I read quite a few topics on the forum and the work you all do for the community is impressive).

    Last and unrelated question : I saw on the the Recalbox blog, the article about Web manager 2.0, that we could help the community by translating stuff. I followed the link and subscribed but I don't know what to do next. I've been doing some translation works already before but I was given texts and lines to translate (including dedicated vocabulary to use, and so on.).
    Is there someone I can get in touch for this ? (I'm talking about translation French to English and vice-versa, my spanish is a bit rusted and my japanese way too scholar).

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    fba libretro will need romset 0.175, some games from a set before may work but all CPS2/CPS3 won't so update is mandatory

  • @voljega
    Crystal clear, thank you very much. I'd rather consider that I'll have to update them all (from the related romset), if some are still working then it's fine, otherwise, I'll be prepared.
    I know what to do.
    Thanks a lot, I'll keep this page bookmarked for later reference !

  • This post is deleted!

  • Moon Walker sur mame :
    1/ Rom "Moonwalk" (moonwalk.zip)
    2/ parent ROM : "Moonwalk (bootleg)" (moonwlkb.zip)

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