[release-WIP] Theme Recalbox-multi (help needed)

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    Hi All,

    I recently made a lot of changes to the recalbox-multi theme and need your help to finalize it.

    The concept of recalbox-multi is that you have 30 54 themes in 1!
    With only one theme, you can easily change the layout and color scheme to have something different:

    • main screen

    main screen

    The same as standard recalbox theme you will say. That's right!


    standard layout / darker colorset


    white & black colorset


    no description layout / white & black colorset


    big picture layout / black & white colorset


    portrait layout / bluechoco colorset


    supernature2k layout / darker colorset

    and the brand new one:


    controls layout / darker colorset

    To change the layout / colorset, you just have to comment/uncomment lines in the config file located in recalbox-multi/data/config.xml :


    You can also "force" a specific layout for a system by doing the same in the theme.xml file of the system (e.g. /recalbox-multi/snes/theme.xml)

    This theme has been tested in several resolutions but I can't test everything, that's why I need help from you, especially for uncommon and low resolutions (640x480, 5/4, 16/10 and so on...)

    Second thing I need is for the new layout, "controls". I was not able to find all the existing standard controls layout, a lot are still missing, see table hereunder:

    Systems Controller layout
    Amstrad cpc missing
    Atari 2600 missing
    Atari 7800 missing
    Atari ST missing
    CaveStory missing
    Favoris N/A
    FDS (Family Computer Disk) missing
    Final Burn Alpha missing
    Final Burn Alpha Libretro missing
    Game & Watch missing
    Game boy color Done
    Game Gear Done
    Gameboy Done
    Gameboy Advance Done
    Image Viewer N/A
    Lutro missing
    Lynx Done
    Mame missing
    Master System Done
    Megadrive Done
    Moonlight missing
    MS X 1-2-2+ missing
    MSX1 missing
    MSX2+ missing
    Neo Geo Done
    Neo Geo Pocket B&W Done
    Neo Geo Pocket Color Done
    Nintendo Done
    Nintendo 64 Done
    Odyssey 2 missing
    PC Engine Done
    PC Engine CD Done
    Playstation Done
    PR Boom missing
    Scumm VM missing
    Sega 32 X Done
    Sega CD Done
    Sega SG 1000 Done
    Super Nintendo Done
    Supergrafx Done
    Vectrex missing
    Virtual Boy Done
    Wonderswan B&W missing
    Wonderswan Color missing
    ZX Spectrum missing
    ZX81 missing
    Amiga 1200 missing
    Amiga 600 missing
    Apple II missing
    Colecovision missing
    Commodor 64 missing
    Dreamcast Done
    Gamecube missing
    Playstation portable Done
    Wii missing

    The theme is available here

    install it in /recalbox/share/system/.emulationstation/themes/

    (sorry for the long post 🙂 )


    I forgot to say: you are also welcome to create new layouts and colorsets!!! you can easily create new ones starting from an existing one (new colorsets especially would be nice)

  • That's a lonnnng description 😮

    Good job. Really nice customizations possibilities!

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    @DjLeChuck thx 🙂

    lot of explanations to give so yeah... pretty long post 😛

  • Good work dude 😉

  • Hi, thanks for this new theme !
    Could you add a "download" option to your git repo ?

  • @poumtaq There is an option: https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-themes/archive/master.zip But it downloads ALL the repo.

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    @poumtaq unfortunately I can't 😕

    @rockaddicted would it be possible to make a release like Eudora & simplelight?

  • @DjLeChuck yep nickel merci, pas grave je prends tout et ferai le tri !

  • @supernature2k of course.

  • Themer

    Nice job @supernature2k you have made many possibilities =D

    alt text

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    dowload link updated, thx to @rockaddicted

  • CRT Fan

    Alors testé en 480i sur CRT :

    Big Picture :
    alt text

    Big Picture Blue :
    alt text

    Standard - Landscape :
    alt text

    NoDesc :
    alt text

    Supernature2K :
    alt text

    Controls :
    alt text

    Je testerai en 240p pour que t'es une idée 🙂

    Mais en tout cas c'est parfait, le decalage que l'on voit c'est l'overscan de mon écran qui est réglé pour la résolution 240p en jeu. (EmulationStation tourne en 480i)

  • Themer

    Beau boulot!

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    @supernature2k I use your new theme with my 7" display: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2300 (1024x600)

    aaaand it works great 🙂 I have tested:

    • no description layout / white & black colorset:
      0_1488802464836_snapshot (2).png

    • supernature2k layout / white & black colorset
      This is not very suitable for small screens like this. Too many information on the screen.
      0_1488802607919_snapshot (3).png

    • big picture layout / white & black colorset
      This is my absolute favourite layout for this size of screens. Only as much information as needed. Big pictures. This gives a nice overview 🙂


    Thanks for your work 🙂

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    @lackyluuk thx very much for the feedback!

    what about system info? is it readable?

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    @supernature2k It is readable although it is a small font size. What about using the whole space below the system logo instead of having all the information in the middle at small font size?

    Is it maybe also possible to increase the game names a little bit in the detailed view? Currently we see 17 games on one page. On small screens the number could be decreased to 10 - 14 or something like this?


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    thx very much!

    For the system info, I just let it as it is in recalbox theme. Let's see what @reivax and @Global-Moderators think

    For number of items in gamelist there is no other solution than creating a specific layout for small screens

  • /me thinks there is soooooo much space unsused. But i really do not care that much about the visual part of the project 😉 Except this multi idea is awesome !

  • @lackyluuk the problem with big scraped images is the resolution ... I think we fixed it at 350^x wide, something like that. So strzetching it on a 1080p screen can be ... errr .. ugly 😄

  • @Substring everyone can choose the scrape size by editing es_settings.cfg file (why not export this setting in ES in the futur)

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