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[4.0.0] ON/OFF mode - fan keep running

  • Hello!

    I installed the on/off button and the reset button following the instructions:

    I also installed a 5v Fan GPIO pin 2 (5v) + pin 9 (gnd).

    My problem is, the fan works all the time, even in "OFF" mode.

    I read that pin 8 provides 3.3v and go down in "OFF" mode. But change pin 2 (5v) by pin 8 (3,3v) did not work.

    I also read this script:
    But I don't need a temperature control and don't have the skills to make this.

    I just want to know if it is possible to Rapsberry Pi stop to suply the GPIO 5v pins when it goes to "off mode". Or if there is any other way to solve this.

    Thank you!

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    @Prota If I am not wrong then a Output goes to "LOW" after turning off. If so, you can use the script above but without the temperature thing if you do not need it. Then the transistor turns off if your recalbox is shut down. And with the transistor your fan does as well 🙂

  • @lackyluuk I was hoping there is a way with no need of using a transistor. 😞
    But I'll learn how to use a transistor and then te project Will be 100%. Thank you!

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    @Prota your 5V fan is not running at all with 3.3V? The transistor is only needed to provide a higher voltage for the fan. I think there is no other solution since the 5V pins always are high if the board is powered. I think this is due to the board design.

    Maybe you could use a 3V fan which you can directly connect to a Output pin.

  • @lackyluuk When I plug the fan (5v) a pin 8 (3,3v) it doesn't turn on. I was expecting it to work with less speed but it doesn't.

  • [SOLVED] Bought some transistors and resistors and learned how to use it.
    Thank you!

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    @Prota Great!! Nice to hear!

  • i'm making a pi-station. installing a pi 3 into a psx original. plan on installing a 5a power supply to power the pi 3. There are going to be 3 12v fan running at 5v directly from the power supply. i'm going to put inline a 35 degree Celsius thermostat with the fans. When the system hit 35 the fans will kick in. after the system is shut down the fans will still run until it gets to normal room temp. Going to have more things in to to like 4 usb ports where the memory card are and a usb to ps2 adapter soldered directly to the psx ones. Also installing a 64 gb micro sd card and a 160gb hdd. 64gb micro sd card will hold a few dozen roms for quick load. hard drive will hold more but will take longer to boot. enough of my rambling.

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    A Pi gets 35 °C "hot" just by looking at it steadily.

  • @leok I think 35 ºC is a "low" temperature for RPi. Here, with one fan running all the time, it keeps arround 48 ºC.

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