Problem with Mad Catz Xbox 360 wired controller

  • Hi, I'm a newcomer in the forum and at recalbox, and need your help already!
    I've just bought a Mad Catz wired controller (Xbox 360), model WWE All Stars, but I could not configure it on recalbox. It is recocnized as "generic x-box usb pad" (if I am not wrong), and I'm getting two problems: a) I could not configure the RT and LT buttons (top buttons) as R2 and L2, they does not works at all; b) the menu button, configured as hot key, keeps blinking all the time.
    All other funcions are fine. I already tried to enable xbox drivers by editing the configuration file, but the controller is not recognized as a Xbos 360 controller. Any ideas to get RT and LT working and solves the blinking led? Thanks and sorry my bad english. In time: I am using Recalbox 4.0.

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    you need to enable xboxdrv driver and disable psx driver in recalbox.conf

    ## Please enable only one of these
    # -------------- D1 - PS3 Controllers ------------ #
    ##Enable PS3 controllers support
    ## Choose an driver between official, shanwan and gasia if you have dualshock clones (official,shanwan,gasia)
    # ------------ D2 - XBOX Controllers ------------ #
    ## Xbox controllers are already supported, but xboxdrv can solve some compatibility issues 
    ## Enable xboxdrv driver, disable this if you enabled ps3 controllers (0,1)
    ## Set the amount of controllers to use with xboxdrv (0..4)

    reconfigure gamepad in emulationstation menu.

  • Hi! Thx for the answear. I already tried it and doesn't work. When I did it (exactly as the screen above) three controllers apearred in emulation station menu: #0 generic x-box usb pad (or something like that, #1 xbox 360 controller and # 2 xbox 360 controller. My Mad catz is recognized as #0 generic x-box usb pad, not as a xbox 360 controller... I think I need to find a way to configure the "generic x-box usb pad driver", but I don't have any idea on how to do it.

  • No one tried to plug a Xbox 360 fight pad before me? I did some search and could not find any clue...

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    Hello @WSP77
    do you have 3 gamepad xbox ?

  • No, just the Mad Catz. Let me explain: first I turned on recalbox, with no controller or anything conected at all; after I edited the recalbox.conf with NotePad++ (by pc wifi) and restart the recalbox; after restart I pluged the Mad Catz Xbox fight pad and when I get to controller configuration on emulation station there where 3 controllers there (#0, #1 and #3 as I listed berfore), but the only controller connected is the fight pad, recognized as #0 generic x-box usb pad. The pad is not recognized as a xbox 360 controller, because that I get three controllers in list, I presume...

  • In time, my problem is the same as it:
    No solution there yet...

  • No clue at all? 😞

  • @WSP77 and changing controllers.xboxdrv.nbcontrols=2 to 1 ?

  • I'll try that. And I'll post a picture of the emulation station configuration screen and of my config file too. Thx for the answear!

  • @WSP77 well, i guess it won't help : your pad is configured by the xpad driver, and unknown to xboxdrv ... We could make it work with xboxdrv but it's a little complicated :

    • requires you blacklist xpad
    • create a dedicated conf file for xboxdrv
    • add it to the start process

  • Well, I tried and got no success. By disabling PS3 (0) controllers and enabling xboxdrv (1 and 1) I got 2 controllers identified by emulation station: #0 Generic X-box pad and # 1 Xbox Gamepad (US...IVER).
    The Ma Catz fight pad is just recognized as #0, and I could not make LT and RT works... I think this is end of the line for me...

  • This is a screen of the pad, anyone got one of this model to work on Recalbox?
    alt text

  • @WSP77 maybe this will be solved once rockaddicted updates the xpad driver on recalbox 4.1

  • I will wait then, to be honest I bought this joypad just to play arcade and Mega Drive games properly on Recallbox. ^^

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