Pi3 Recalbox 7.7.1 i-Pac2 Keyboard Mapping

  • Honestly, I have to say, I love how easy Recalbox is to install and use. Minutes to get up and running! It's incredible!

    That said, ... I've pulled out all my hair in trying to get something seemingly so simple to work! i-Pac2 Keyboard mapping or using both joysticks and buttons is impossible and excruciating!! I've read online documentation, searched Google posts. SSH'd, touched empty files, updated i-Pac firmware, setup in Dinput mode, Setup Xinput mode, setup Keyboard mappings using Winpac2... all of it... over and over again... and weeks later, still nothing! I'm so so very frustrated.

    I used to think I was technically savvy. Well, I have to say, the experience of getting something as simple as buttons mapped for both the Recallbox Interface and the Mame games -- has been absolutely horrible and I feel defeated.

    If I get one side working... the other side stops working. If the mapping works once, a few minutes later the buttons change behaviour. I can't get it to work.

    For the love of god, if anyone has a video or instruction on how to PROPERLY setup an IPAC2 for use with RecalBox. Can you please post it or PM me.

    Thank you and sorry for venting.

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    @pssadm Apparently other users have already reported similar problems, there is even an open issue, I recommend that you comment on it:

    Maybe this will help:

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