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RecalBox 7 - More Annoyances, No Advantages

  • I went from 6.1.1 RPi3 to 7 RPi4 looking forward to better performance and more systems. Saturn implementation especially.

    Well, no Saturn.

    Dosbox runs 10x worse than on the previous setup. It's an unplayable slideshow. Exiting a game kicks you into the DOS environment instead of Emulation Station. Not practical for those using a couch/controller setup.

    Nestopia also plays worse. Not as bad as Dosbox, but I'm seeing a lot of jerkiness in scrolling games like Castlevania.

    Can't find the resources/splash folder that contains the videos anymore - despite looking in every directory. It's usually the first thing I delete to get a clean, simple boot, with one load screen. Now I'm forced into a splash video, a pac-man themed splash screen, then a loading screen. The splash screen also pops up every time a game is selected. Why? The RecalBox branding is already on the loading screen. It was getting pretty silly at default already, but at least we could tone it down before.

    I usually tweak settings directly through the config files, but setting "global.smooth=1" in recalbox.conf breaks bilinear filtering. It will not activate. Using the interface doesn't enable it either. In fact, I have no idea how to turn it on at all.

    And that's as far as I got. Not sure what other systems are impacted negatively since I decided to downgrade. I'm glad I still have my 6.1.1 image saved, but the RecalBox team should have the old images available for download. Especially for those who want to play DOS or silky smooth NES games.

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator

    I'm very sorry to read you got so many issues.

    However, NES emulators is not broken and does not play worse than previously. Neither DOSBox. I personally tested both, and DosBOX runs smoothly on RPi4.

    Lots of beta testers made tons of tests on all emulators. We knows those having issues, and DosBOX runs fine.

    Resources/Splash are... at the exact same place than before! However, there is a new bootvideos in the share folder and new options to choose custom videos in recalbox.conf
    Easier than in 6.x versions

    We will check the global.smooth option anyway.

  • Alright, I tried it again. This time I ran everything on default settings instead of copying and overwriting SHARE/system from the RPi3.
    NES worked perfect.
    DOS also worked perfect with Skyroads and Terminal Velocity. Though it does require a keyboard to quit.
    Bilinear filtering was on by default.

    Must have been a clashing setting somewhere.

    The videos are definitely not in the same place though. RECALBOX/Recalbox/system/resources/splash does not exist in 7.

  • I also cannot find the correct folder to setup a custom bootvideo/bootpicture.
    Any ideas ?

  • @Bkg2k said in RecalBox 7 - More Annoyances, No Advantages:

    to choose custom videos in recalbox.conf

    Can you tell me how to setup a custom bootvideo in the recalbox.conf, how to setup the path ?

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator

    @zezuvu There is a true bug in DosBOX configgen. Already fixed for the 7.0.1.

    However boot videos have always been in the same folder:

    # ls /recalbox/system/resources/splash/
    240p                                         introRecalboxDCBlue.mp4                      introRecalboxMame1080p-12dB.mp4              introRecalboxSMS.mp4                         logo.ppm
    black.png                                    introRecalboxEASports.mp4                    introRecalboxMegadrive1080p-12dB.mp4         introRecalboxSNES.mp4              
    demo.png                                     introRecalboxGB.mp4                          introRecalboxN64.mp4                         introRecalboxWinners.mp4
    intoRecalboxKonami2.mp4                      introRecalboxHologram1080p-12dB.mp4          introRecalboxNeoGeo1920x1080Normed-12dB.mp4  logo-upgrade.png
    intreRecalboxExplode1080p-12dB.mp4           introRecalboxHyperspace.mp4                  introRecalboxPCEngineVideo1920x1080.mp4      logo-version.png
    introRBCapcom.mp4                            introRecalboxKonami.mp4                      introRecalboxPS1.mp4                         logo.png

    This folder never changed since several years. It probably never changed at all, actually.

  • That´s correct, but after reboot the system restores the old version of this folder from /boot/recalbox filesystem.

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator


    1. Open the bootvideo folder in your file explorer, through network share: \\recalbox\share\bootvideos
    2. Then, copy your videos in this folder.
    3. Choose the video mode in the recalbox.conf file
    ## Splash screen duration
    ##  0 : Video will be stopped when emulationstation is ready to start.
    ## -1 : All the video will be played before emulationstation start (default)
    ## >0 : Time the video will be played before emulationstation start (in seconds)
    ## Splash videos selection
    ## all: select a boot video in recalbox videos and user videos
    ## recalbox: select a boot video only in recalbox videos
    ## custom: select a boot video only in user videos
    ## Any invalid value means "all"

    default value all means: random video among recalbox videos AND custom videos

  • Translation Master

    @Bkg2k this is really nice! 👍
    Thank you for this setting.

  • thank you, i´ll try this 👍

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