Recalbox goes to black screen in any moment

  • Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a memory Kingston Canvas 128gb, i download a full 128gb image and burn into my sd when i try it everything load fine but the recalbox in any moment goes to a black screen and i have to reset the raspberry. I also try a fresh installation of recalbox load some games and i have the same problem in any moment the screen goes black. Any ideas of why this is happening, thank you so much for your help

  • Are you able to ping it? Could be an issue with just the video out.

  • Same problem here

  • @sroach i think is not a video problem because sometimes instead the black screen just show the recalbox boot screen and stuck in any moment

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    @julandrod said in Recalbox goes to black screen in any moment:

    i download a full 128gb image

    ready-made images from the internet are modified, and it is against the forum rules to support this type of image.

    I also try a fresh installation of recalbox

    Did you wait for the first boot until the end? Didn't you copy any configuration files from the "full 128gb image"? If you copied any configuration files from this ready-made image, this may be the problem.

    In addition, the problem may be the memory card, it must be a quality SD card (beware of counterfeits!), Class 10.
    The Recommended is to use a small SD card (8gb, for example), with the system, and use a pen drive or external HD with the ROMS / BIOS / themes.
    SD cards up to 64gb are not usually a problem, but cards of 128gb or higher usually cause stress until they work.

  • @Zing Hi thanks for your help and im going to try to elaborate better my problems, I follow your suggestions and make a new installation of Recalbox and wait for the first boot unitl the end, next i transfer a few games of different systems and install the theme Alekfull Solo, and sometimes when I enter in advanced settings -> advanced emulator settings or I scroll to the systems menu(main screen) or when i exit a game, the system goes black screen or show me a screen with the Recalbox and pacman logo, when this happen i connect a usb keyboard and type "alt+f2" login as root and then type "es start" the emulationstation restart but the same problem with the time happen again.
    I dont know what other thing i can do to fix this problem, i feel a little frustation.

    Thanks in advance for any additional help

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    @julandrod it has probably something to do with the theme you installed. Try with recalbox’s theme to see if the problem gets fixed. If that’s the case, you can try contacting whoever created that theme and report the issue there.

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