Arrm (Another Recalbox Roms Manager)

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    Hello All

    New version available (02/10/2019)

    • Creation of a 'Temporary gamelist' checkbox in the 'Gamelist options' tab which allows to create a 'gamelist_tempo.xml' file during the progression of the scrape in the directory of the scraped system. So after a crash of the application, the next launch of a scrap on this system, a prompt asks you if you want to merge this file 'gamelist_tempo.xml' in the current 'gamelist.xml'. If an error occurs, check that the 'gamelist_tempo.xml' file contains the <gamelist> tags at the beginning of the file and </gamelist> at the end of the file.
    • Keyword search is done on the description as well.
    • Fix format of the dates to respect the format yyyymmddT000000 (request of Maromatze on the site
    • faster scrape treatment
    • When there is an error downloading an image, 2 more attempts are made.
    • The log file is no longer in memory (this caused slowdowns on big scrape). Now the log is written in the "system" \ scrape_log.txt file. So during a crash, the log file is always searchable
    • fix the mix_gamegear_profile template
    • Add an Atomiswave template
    • Added some systems Logo
    • Added Atari800 & Atari800XL template

    Download link :

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    Hello All

    New version available (03/03/2019)

    • Added a button 'MD5' in the panel 'Actions possible on selected Roms' to mass calculate the MD5 Rom files then causing a faster search Screenscraper. The MD5 tag is also written in the gamelist.xml. (Request of twh7474 on the forum)
    • Added a 'Clear METADATA' button in the 'Possible Actions on Selected Roms' panel to mass delete METADATA. Keeps the ROM filename and the game name from the ROM filename. (Request of twh7474 on the forum)
    • Renamed 'Japan Box' in 'Japan Media'
    • Creation of a button 'US Media' (request of Damocles)
    • If 'Japan Media' or 'US Media' is checked, ARRM attempts to recover Japanese or US versions of Boxart, Cartridge, Marquee/Title. The language of the textual information will be the language of the ARRM interface.
    • Added a WIKI button (at the top of the screen near the title) :
    • Fixed a bug that crashed the application when clicking the 'Backup gamelists' button in the 'Gamelist options' configuration tab
    • Fixed a bug causing no bubble info on Portuguese, Spanish, Russian languages
    • Added Amiga CD32 template
    • Add / edit templates pokemini, channelf, samcoupe, oricatmos, pc98, NeoGeo CD
    • Update files 'systemes_screenscraper.txt' & 'systemes_extensions.txt' to take into account the systems added in the beta Recalbox of February 2019: pokemini, channelf, samcoupe, oricatmos, PC98, NeoGeoCD, sufami
    • Renaming the NeoGeo template in SNK NeoGeo
    • Added a 'News' click link next to the changelog link, allowing you to post news about ARRM (when there is one) and remove the automatic news popup when launching the application
    • Added logos for systems: pc98, oricatmos, neogeocd, sufami
    • Fixed a display issue on game titles containing &

    Download link :

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    Hello All

    New version available (03/24/2019)

    • Overlays recovery and automatic creation of overlay configuration files for Batocera and Recalbox. When recovering system and game overlays, ARRM can detect overlay transparency areas and automatically create configuration files for Recalbox or Batocera, or rely on configurable template files. (thanks to VirusMan for the beta test). For more explanation Read the wiki article:
    • Radio button to select the format of overlays to recover: 16/9 (most provided), 16/10 and 4/3
    • Checkbox 'Dev' in the tab 'Options' which allows to save in a dedicated directory the overlay with a yellow frame representing the automatic coordinates of the viewport found by ARRM. Useful for locating overlays posing problems.
    • Creation of a file "missing_bezels%system%.txt" containing the list of overlays not found.
    • Added a field to select the backup directory for overlays and their configuration files (\recalbox\share, \batocera\share or any directory of your disks)
    • Added a validation button for the selection of various directories
    • Fixed a bug when looking for files / names of roms containing the character '&' (ampersand) (the game was not found) (report SecamFr)
    • Bug fix when clicking on "Display" without any system selected (report Virus-Man)
    • Addition of a checkbox 'In .ZIP' in the 'Scrap Options' tab: When the search via MD5 on the Rom file name does not return anything, ARRM searches via MD5 file contained in the .ZIP
    • Added Screenscraper's V2 Beta API (selectable via Checkbox in Control Panel
    • Add / Edit systems / cores in configuration files
    • When 'US Media' or 'JAP Media' is selected, ARRM attempts to retrieve the corresponding game name (US or JAP)
    • Fixed various bugs

    Download link :

  • @nexusone13 hello. When I try to scrape, error message appears: missing file vcruntime140.dll

    Where I can download that file? Thanks!

    I am using windows 10 64 bit and ARRM

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    @jorgemagana Google is your friend!

  • @oyyodams thanks, now I see is part of windows, I tought it was part of the ARRM software.

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    Hi All

    New version available (04/01/2019)

    • Added translation in Italian: a big thank you to Michele for her careful translation
    • Fixed a bug with bad overlays viewport coordinates on batocera only (recalbox ok)
    • It is now possible when scrap (multi or mono system) to associate a template to a system via a configuration file (see wiki )
    • Addition of a checkbox: -> 720 allowing to convet a template in 1080 to 720 and to recalculate the coordinates of the viewports of an image overlay in 1080 for a display in 1280x720 ( see wiki : )
    • Best automatic recognition of viewports on Vectrex
    • Fixed a bug on the 'All' button for system selection that caused a bug when launching a scrap
    • Fixed various bugs

    Download link :

  • Hello. How can I update only the images of a game list?

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    @jorgemagana said in Arrm (Another Recalbox Roms Manager):

    Hello. How can I update only the images of a game list?

    If you do not want textual information to be updated, but only graphics, just checked in 'image option tab': No Text.

  • @nexusone13 excellent! Thanks!

  • @nexusone13 Salut, encore un petit bug si l'on scrappe un fullset megadrive par exemple, avec l'option JAPAN Media il rajoute JAP dans le nom de l'image mais avec l'option US Media il garde le même nom que la version box tout court du coup impossible d'avoir certains jeux avec la jaquette Europe et USA.
    Tu peut testé avec les roms "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Europe).zip" et "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA).zip".

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    @secamfr je modifie et je te fais passer une version pour test

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    @secamfr Je t'ai mis le lien dans le chat pvt

  • @nexusone13 Beta testé, c'est parfait ! Par contre j'ai remarqué un message d'erreur qui s'affiche parfois pourtant l'image est bien sauvé "!!!!! Ne peut pas compresser le fichier PNG. Code erreur : 2"

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    ARRM Wiki updated

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    Hi all
    ARRM Wiki updated

    Available in next version, looking for testers, if interested email me at : or reply here


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    Hi All

    New version available for ARRM (04/14/2019)

    • bug fixed: on the Recalbox, the button 'stop the emulation station' and 'restart the recalbox' did not work properly.
    • add the suffix _USA for qd a media USA is found and the checkbox media_USA is checked (Secamfr request)
    • Added a tab "Tools"
    • Added button "Sort es_systems.cfg" in the tab "Tools" which displays a module allowing to sort the file es_systems.cfg on 6 possible criteria. (cf WIKI)
        A backup of the old file is created for security.
        The systems are referenced in a pre-configured systems_sorting.txt file that you can edit to add your systems present in your es_systems.cfg but missing from this file.
    • Added a "Backup configuration files" button in the "Tools" tab which makes it possible to make a backup of the files present in "%appdata%\roaming\nexouille soft\arrm\database" which you could have modified / personalized.
        Use before uninstalling the application if you have modified some of these files.
    • Taking into account the systems present in Recalbox 6
    • Bug fix: In order for the auto template for a system to work, the Auto association template had to be checked; corrected. Both operate independently
    • Added a 'Missing Overlays' button to highlight games whose name appears in the 'missing_overlays% SYSTEM% .txt' file created during a previous overlay search.
    • Updated emulators/cores for Recalbox and Batocera used with the 'Reset Core/Emu' button.

    Download link :

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    Hello everyone

    Some features of ARRM

    • Compatible with Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie and EmulationStation
    • Interface in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian
    • All buttons have bubble info to guide the user
    • Ability to automatically scrape Roms by unit or in mass automatically roms on, and with recovery of media and information
    • Can retrieve 2D or 3D boxart info, screenshot, wheel, cartridge, video and put them in the gamelist.xml with customizable tag names (useful for custom themes)
    • Retrieving text information in the chosen language.
    • A Mix'Me module allows you to choose the images you want (drag & drop possible) and apply them to the chosen template (cf WIKI)
    • Upgrading the gamelist.xml based on the roms files on the disk
    • Setting favorites, hidden, normal for Roms in mass
    • Ability to Sort of the gamelist according to 5 levels of criteria if 'sortname' tag taken into account by the frontend.
    • Filter roms without images, without description, on genres, or on a string contained in the name file / title of rom / description.
    • Ability to force a scrape with an MD5 entered by the user.
    • Modification of various informations of a Rom (cf WIKI)
    • Bulk deletion of image files that do not match any rom in the gamelist
    • Backup of gamelist.xml from all systems
    • Backup of modified gamelist.xml via the program
    • Moving roms from one system to another while retaining the scraped information (cf WIKI)
    • Can add the disk number, face or k7 after the name of the game (if present in the file name)
    • Missing list for games not found
    • Can specifically retrieve Japanese or US media
    • Export the gamelist to a file in .csv format
    • Possibility to use predefined templates (or create them yourself) for mixed images (screenshot + boxart + marquee + cartridge) and customize them via XML configuration files: (cf WIKI)
    • Application of a template of your choice without rescrape by using the images previously downloaded via ARRM (use of the 4 images recovered via the option "extra tags" of ARRM) (cf WIKI)
    • ARRM automatically retrieves images from other scraps, or created manually if present in the downloaded_images directory: (([cf WIKI] (cf WIKI)
    • Mix Scrape with 10 possible layers (layers)
    • Several templates are available and customizable
    • Ability to move items (the, the, and those of other languages ​​ES / POR / GER / FR) at the end of the name. Examples: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -> Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time or The Bard's Tale -> Bard's Tale, The
    • Calculating the hash for Netplay games (cf WIKI)
    • Find the core / emulator for arcade games (uses BestArcade4Recalbox)
    • Change Emulators / Core for selected Roms
    • Customization of subfolders with image and description (cf WIKI)
    • Retrieving game manuals
    • Possible recovery of scraps made after an application crash
    • Mass MD5 calculation
    • Mass Removal of METADATA
    • WIKI available with concrete cases for better handling of the software: (cf WIKI)
    • Recovery of overlays with automatic creation of overlays configuration files for Batocera and Recalbox by automatic recognition of the Viewport zones (zone where the game screen must appear in the overlays) (cf WIKI)
    • Possibility of automatically resizing overlays 1080 to 720 with recalculation of viewport areas
    • When scrap (multi or single system) possibility to associate a template to a system via a configuration file
    • Sorting module es_systems.cfg file on 6 possible criteria. (cf WIKI)
    • And various other options to discover in the WIKI

  • Salut,

    A défaut d'avoir à ce jour une version Arrm compatible avec Linux, j'ai testé la version sur Windows voici mon retour :

    Une interface graphique sur un seul onglet avec toutes les fonctions c'est un très bon choix.

    Des infos bulles pour nous guider sur les choix c'est très bien. (prise en main assez simple après quelques minutes)

    Un accès simple et intuitif au share/rom distant de Recalbox.

    J'ai d'abord testé sur un dossier avec peu de roms pour essayer différents réglages (nombreux, variés et très satisfaisants).

    Le résultat des recherches ne m'a pas retournés d'erreurs sur l'affichage des images mix ou sur le nom des roms.

    L’édition automatisé des gamelist dans le répertoire correspondant est géniale. On nous laisse le choix de remplacer le gamelist existant ou pas pour finaliser le résultat.

    Les raccourcis à l’écran pour visualiser les dossiers des roms c'est parfait.

    A ce jour c'est l'application de scrap externe qui me convient le mieux et la plus aboutie.

    Bravo et merci @nexusone13 (Franck) ainsi que les premiers utilisateurs et testeurs qui permettent de faire progresser le développement de cette application.

    Je suis très reconnaissant de votre investissement.

  • CRT Hero

    @p0cth un grand merci pour ce retour. Sincèrement 🙂

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