Recalbox 4.1 stable release - RESPECT !

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    I just remember end of last summer, some echos in the background, "project is dead" "nobody work on it anymore" and so on.
    The team was always saying that the stable release would only take place after error free test phase.
    And I just see, and for +15 years leading a software team, that this version is mostly perfect. What is more than normal and often payed people on a project wont not reach this perfection.

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    Glad to read this :).
    Thank you for your feedback 😄

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  • @dragu Thank you for you kind words !

    After all the time we spent on that version, all the work @digitaLumberjack has done to prepare the releases after 4.1, everything we've done that is not purely emulation related (moving from github to gitlab, setting up Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, set up test branches, relieve digi from the merging process, test test test and test ...), make sure the community keeps its trust in us when we say we're not dead and we're still actively working on 4.1 (the release was a blast by the way, so many people migrated in a short time), and finally, spend countless hours of support during the 3 weeks following the release of 4.1 ...

    Now things are so much easier since we release every few weeks ^^ less changes, bugs are detected much faster, it's a good thing 🙂

    One thing that you can't know, is that the Recalbox team is a great team. We hardly have any fights (well, they hardly have any fight with anyone but me :D), we all trust each other, and we're all really glad to work in this team for this project we do love 🙂

  • I also want to commend the team for developing and maintaining such a wonderful project. Full disclosure, while I did not say publicly on this forum, I too was worried about the future of Recalbox. It is exciting to hear that you guys, the developers, work great as a team. It's unfortunate when such a great project collapses because of infighting within the management team. This applies not only to software but to shops, organizations and the like.

    Please correct me if I am out of place here. While emulators have been around for years, this is the first time that we can truly emulate the experience of retrogaming: the holding of a physical controller, the experience of playing on an actual TV screen, playing with your buddies in the same room...something that was relatively difficult to achieve using computer based emulators, especially for idiots like me. I believe the ultimate goal of Recalbox is to recreate and preserve that experience forever. Sometimes we as the end-users forget that while demanding other features that may or may not be necessary for that experience.

    It's so common for people to take the time out of their day to write a dissertation-like complaint about the smallest of issues, but never to give commendation. So here's to the team! Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work for years to come!

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