Yep I've backed the project (with recoil option) :D
Nearly 1000% reached in a month, still 4 days left o_O

There will be some software, compatible for linux, windows.
I think it will facilitate the integration for recalbox/retropie & Cie :)
And that great since I've already tried Dolphin Bar and... Yep it works but it's not precise at all: you constantly aim 20cm under the screen crosshair + if you stop aiming the screen, the gun need some movements to be recentered... (tried with recalbox and BigBox -so basically, retroarch and PCSXR and PCSX22- same results)
So... I can't wait to get the Sinden light gun!

He also plans to create a PS1 and PS2 (maybe PS3 I don't remember) adapter to play with genuine GunCons on genuine Playstations on LCD screens :D :D