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[Resolved] Xbox controller query

  • Hi I just want to check with you guys. I am making a recalbox for a friend who has Wired and wireless Xbox controllers. 1) I read recalbox.conf and saw this.

    # ------------ D - XBOX Controllers ------------ #
    ## Xbox controllers are already supported, but xboxdrv can solve some compatibility issues
    ## Disable this if you use ps3 controllers
    ## set the amount of controllers to use with xboxdrv

    so does it mean that , if I enable_xbox_drv=1 ,  and uncomment,  xboxdrv_nb_controllers=2. That I can only use Xbox controllers? 2) Do I pair a wireless Xbox controller the same way I pair a ps3 controller? (pardon my ignorance, I have never really used an Xbox controller before)

  • Team

    Yes you must uncomment the two lines and enable it with a 1. But no you cannot pair xbox 360 wireless controllers like ps3 ones as you must have a xbox usb adaptator like this one http://astore.amazon.fr/httpwwwrecalb-21/detail/B00L42EMSY

  • Cool thanks Retroboy!

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