kodi is only 654MB, I cannot install addons like this, HELP?!

  • Hi, I was wondering why when i do an installation of Recalbox in my sd card (64gb Samsung Evo) I get only ~654M for Kodi to use? I even tried aggrandizing the overall partition with gparted and that had no effect on my total space either. (also not sure if this is how you would go about doing it to begin with.)

    My setup is the following :

    Raspberry Pi 3 B
    Samsung Evo 64gb SD card (this is where I installed Recalbox)
    Samsung 128gb USB (This is where i store the Roms and i have about 100gb left on that)
    ASUS Bluetooth USB (bluetooth receiver)
    PS3 Controller

    I am getting this information by going into Kodi and then into System info > Storage ; I see the following:

    /dev/mblk0p1 > size: 21.0G - Used:334.4M - Available:20.7G - Use:2% - boot
    overlay > size: 128.0M - Used:1.6M - Available: 126.4M - Use: 1% - /
    /dev/sda1 > size: 119.5G - Used: 20.4G - Available: 99.1G - Use: 17% - /var/recalboxfs

    /dev/sda1 > size: 119.5G - Used: 20.4G - Available: 99.1G - Use: 17% - /recalbox/share
    /dev/sda1 > size: 119.5G - Used: 20.4G - Available: 99.1G - Use: 1% - /media/usb0

    System Memory Usage: 175MB / 479MB - 37% <---- !!!!

    First i do not really know where to make any changes since i have Recalbox read the roms from external usb.
    ( I am assuming that 99,1GB is the usb... and it reads it as 3 different partitions in Kodi)
    Keep in mind I don't mind reformatting my SD and reinstalling Recalbox in there, my predicament is that i NEED Kodi to have more space on the booting area [ where kodi is installed] ( Because an external storage is useless to me, since i plan on using addons and not storing dvds etc on storage) so, i need a lot of space in the place where the add ons would be getting installed, right now this place is limited to 479M since I have already used 175M, but in reality my SD card has about 20gb of free space that it should be able to use for Kodi.

    Is there a way to accomplish this? Do i have to do something extra before installing? or can i do something else at this point to get Kodi to use that space? Please help so that i may be able to have Kodi utilize the 20 gb or more extra that i have on the SD .

    Thank you

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    @joseph-portuondo system memory usage isn't the same as storage space. You need to look at your share partition's space, as that's the location where your kodi data (together with your roms, bios and stuff like that) will be stored.
    Have you tried installing addons and got a space issue or what? Or are you complaining just because?

  • Hi @paradadf ,I tried that, however , would you be able to tell me why it is telling me ''system memory usage: 175mb / 475mb ?' and does not display anything alike in the system info > storage?..

    I brought this up because i have noticed that if i install a new addon my memory usage is more, and thus i become more limited on what else i can install. As i mentioned before, I have not maxed it out but i can absolutely do that and take a pic if needed, i did try re-sizing and this did not change the outcome.

    Not complaining , trying to find a solution to this system memory usage issue though.

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    @joseph-portuondo because memory is not the same as storage.
    RPis split memory between cpu and gpu, and for the rpi3 you have 512 mb for each by default. Everytime you install addons, new background processes fill up that memory. I really don't have anything else to say.

  • @joseph-portuondo It seems to me you are using batocera and not recalbox

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