Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

[TUTO] Installing Recalbox on the 8-B Craft "RASPIBOY"

  • So, is it ok to add sdtv_mode=16 in config.txt?

  • To use the stdv_mode=16 you need the last PI firmware. So it's ok with a 4.1 (not available for now, but soon ;) ) or you need to update the firmware (don't know if it's possible on a 4.0x, remember RPI-Update won't work on recalbox)

    you can try ;) it won't break anything, at worst it just don't work ^^

  • I'll wait for 4.1 then ^^

  • @screech I'm on 4.01 still. sdtv_progressive_scan=1 in my config.txt after reboot made my screen blurry, like it was alternating the rendering the same frame slightly off center each frame. It was a weird kinda blurry. More blurry is some lines of the screen than other lines.

  • Maybe I read it wrong :(
    What I understand from the Issue :
    sdtv_progressive_scan=1 was put in february on a "custom firmware" to test
    sdtv_progressive_scan=1 was removed and replaced by sdtv_mode=16 on Mars and pushed to the RPI-Update Github by popcornmix...
    not sure 4.01 are compiled between Feb and Mars 2017... (and with a test firmware ?)

    But Maybe I'm totally wrong ^^ As a French guy I can misunderstand ^^

    The only one who can tell are the Dev guys ;) Maybe @Substring ?

  • Can't find anything on the net that is reliable and official regarding the value to add in the config.txt to set progressive mode. Looks like http://filthypants.blogspot.fr/2017/03/raspberry-pi-240p-composite-output.html can be fairly trusted as it is the blog of HunterK, one of the core devs of Retroarch.

    So yes, adding 0x10 (=16) to the desired sdtv_mode would set progressive. I wonder how would the Brazilian PAL look ...
    So NTSC progressive = 16, PAL progressive = 18

  • I'll try to make some more test tonight ;)

  • Hi @screech,
    Dumb question but where can I find a recalbox 4.0.1 img in order to burn it on the µSD ?
    The 4.1 is no more available I know and the last releases on the site are zipped with all files, no config.txt to edit and if we put those files on the µSD, the Raspiboy doesn't make the Recalbox install (screen with lines bug)

  • Now that 4.1 is out, is there any update on this topic?

  • Tester

    OK, working perfectely with the last one. but having a little crop on the screen. Do I need to play woth overscan?

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