SegaCD ram data getting lost everytime that game is loaded

  • Hi,

    I have enabled ramcart in picodrive options to use it with SegaCD games (ramcart it's even mandatory to play book 3 in Shining Force CD)

    but everytime that I load a game, the ram cart data is lost.

    Ram cart data reverts to its unformatted state, so I even need to format the cart data again (via segacd memory manager) to proceed playing some games that don't let you play with an unformatted cart.

    SegaCD internal data memory works well, which is funny because it shares the same .srm file with the ramcart

    I didn't change any other option in picodrive, and I'm using RPI3 and Recalbox 4.0.2

    Is this a bug or I'm missing something?


  • @Alexander Hi,

    Not sure if there are several cores available for MegaCD, but you could eventually try a different one.

    If not, that could be a core problem, so you'd need to open an issue at libretro.

    One question though : is the ramcart setting saved between 2 emulator sessions ?

  • @Substring Hi,

    I have changed SegaCD core to Genesis Plus GX and ramcart is working properly.

    1 - With GenesisPlusGX now ramcart is shared among all the games (which it was the usual behavior back in the days with the physical console) instead of having a ramcart created per game. I'd preffer multiples ramcarts, but I'm ok with the single Genesis Plus GX ramcart beause it is ridiculous huge.

    The thing is, do you know where this huge single ramcart is stored?, it's not in \RECALBOX\share\saves\segacd with the rest of .srm and states

    I've been searching in most of the folders in \RECALBOX\ but I can't find it, and I like to have always a copy of my saves and states just in case and for situations like updating Recalbox, and now with Genesis Plus GX all the save data of all the games is in an unknown location!

    2 - You asked is the ramcart setting saved between 2 emulator sessions?

    With Picodrive, the ramcart data was lost everytime I exited the game and went back to ES. The next time I load the game, ramdata was lost.

    In game reseting (hotkey+A) was ok, and ramcart data was intact.

    3 - So, what do you think? is it still needed to open an issue at libretro?


  • @Alexander So :

    1. might be in the bios folder, or maybe even somewhere near the roms, I can't tell.
    2. i was talking about the retroarch setting itself like "everytime i start SegaCD i have to enable over and over the ramcart option"
    3. GenesisPlusGX works, too bad for picodrive 😉 making an issue would require to bump to the last core version, and know how to manually launch RA inside recalbox ...

  • @Substring

    1. It was in the bios folder 🙂

    2. No, in Retroarch it was always enabled. I was talking about reformatting the cart in-game (via segacd memory manager)

    3. Al leatst I will notify the bug to the libretro forums


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