TUTORIAL REQUEST - Setting up multiple emulators of the same family/type

  • First of all let me apologize in advance in case this has already been subject of discussion here. The read me first topics doesnt help much on this matter. Neither the wiki page or the manuals.

    Recently I tested several "images" made by local game/arcade cabinet companies as well as the original release, but I really wish I could make my own Recalbox the way I wanted.

    There were several releases out there that separates arcade games in categories such as (Classic Arcades, Capcom Games, Shoot em Up games, Konami Games)

    I believe they use the same Mame emulator, but I don't understand how to make this happen using RecalBox.

    How can I clone the Mame Directory (or final burn) and separate the games into all these categories? Where are the images of the titles that appear on each one ? For example, If there is no roms on SNES folder, the Super Nintendo doesnt even appear on the menus. Where are the configuration for all of this, and the tutorial to make this happen?

    I was planning to make 3 arcade sub-divisions with classic arcades, fighting games, shoot em up games or maybe beat em up games.

    also, im having serious issues scrapping everything. Tried to use Scrap software but with no use. But this is for later. What bugs me the most is being unable to find where all these images are and where to configure!

    Thanks in advance for any help or direction!


  • @dormonid Hi !

    easy-peasy !

    1. make subfolders in your arcade roms folders
    2. scrape
    3. play

    And voilĂ  !

    for scraping, look around the forum, there are several tools, the most complete one being UXS (Universal XML Scraper), windows-only.

  • @substring wait wait wait hold on...

    For mame games for example: I wanted to make a "konami games" so I make a Konami folder inside Mame folder and put the roms on it? What about the image logo? Where can I find those? I wanted to have the konami logo passing by just like Super nintendo, MAME, Neogeo has logos too! But I cant find where the system store these pngs or jpegs.

  • @dormonid you just scrape once your folder structure is setup, not before. Scraping stores roms path, so if you move your roms, the scrape has to be updated

    If you wish to add a logo to the konami folder, i'm afraid you cannot. But why not try it manually, it's just some xml

  • let me clear this : you are not adding a system, like those on the main screen + white bar. You're just organizing roms inside a system

  • Themer

    @Substring He wants this, add a system

  • Banned

    @dormonid for Mame games, you will also havevto duplicate bios rom in each subfolder forveverything to work.

    Example: if you create a neogeo subfolder you will have to place neogeo.zip rom inside it for neogeo gales to work

  • @Substring sorry. I feel like a complete idiot. I still doesnt understand. Maybe we are talking about different things?

    If youre talking about Scraping the act of write description and add box art and screenshots to a game, this I understand how to do.

    Im talking about add an entire system, exactly on the main screen (white bar).

    I know I can add multiple arcade systems because I have just played a recalbox version with this exact same configuration. I can record a movie and upload to youttube to show what I mean.

    Apparently this is pretty basic stuf and im struggling like hell to make this happen. I feel bad for myself lol.

    Let me record a video to show what im talking about

  • @dormonid to add a system you must edit /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

    But i wouldn't recommend it, it gets erased on each update

    that's why the subfolder thing is much easier (and folders can be scraped ... manually)

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY2TbEjISLA

    Here is the video showing what I meant. But now Im beginning to understand what you told me. Thanks a lot for your patience @substring I will try to make subfolders and see how it looks like !

  • @dormonid so :

    • batocera is a fork from recalbox, from someonewho contributed much to recalbox and then decided to go on his own. We don't do support for Batocera
    • looks like this is someone selling batocera
    • that's a combination of theme and system. Everything you are looking for is in /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation (you can't reach that folder from windows shares, you need winscp)

  • @Substring yes. Batocera uses recalbox, but in my opinion there is nothing better than recalbox 4.0. Not even 4.1 comes closer so far 😄

    These guys dont sell the system per-se, but use it to advertise their store. Thats the main reason why I want to make a clean copy of recalbox for myself. I hate this poluted theme and all the advertise that goes within.

    Im trying to make a good, clean, recalbox 128gb iso without ads and with nice themes. Still reading all the manuals and tutorials for scrapping though.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @dormonid don't use such a big sd, use a USB key rather

  • @Substring is it possible to have recalbox on a small 16gb card and use a usb key with all the roms????? I didnt know that

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    @dormonid yes, it is possible.

  • @substring @paradadf may I ask another question? Its impossible to me to copy the ROMS from my PC to the recalbox using the network. My network isnt stable enough apparently to copy the games. They keep showing errors and telling me to try again and copy again and again. Im trying to copy a single PSX game for about an hour and this piece of shit keeps failing to copy. What other possibilities I have to transfer tthe games to the SD CARD? I know theres a way to insert a full USB KEY but other than that, what can I do to copy the games to the SD CARD (right now im trying an 64gb sd card.

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    @dormonid just follow this instructions. (There a maaaaaaaaany ways!)

    You could even use the file manager from Kodi to do it with an interface.

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