Importing Odroid XU4 WiringPi and executing sh script at startup

  • First off - awesomeness - loving this so far - stable, rounded and great.

    I was using another distro previous to trying this - but think I'm sticking with this.

    However, I'm a bit stuck on one bit. Disclaimer: I'm a linux newb, so still struggling with the translations.

    Hardware: Odroid XU4
    rcb Vers: 5.1.0

    So previously, i had a simple bash script that ran on startup:

    echo Ataroid Startup Script
    echo ------- ------- ------
    echo Sending button pulses to USB3 Hub - Pin 8
    gpio mode 8 out
    gpio write 8 0
    gpio write 8 1
    gpio write 8 0
    echo Done.
    echo Reading inputs:
    gpio mode 12 in
    echo Left Difficulty - && gpio read 12

    In order to get this up and running, I first had to import the odroid wiringpi library via:

    git clone
    cd wiringPi

    now, I've manged to find how to get the script running at startup via this guide here:

    However, of course the script doesn't run because the xu4 wpi library isn't installed? All the gpio commands aren't recognised

    Additionally, I don't seem to be able to install the library as the git cmd isn't recognised in putty (as aren't lots of other shell commands?)

    It's a bit of a deal breaker as this script powers on my external storage.

    Any advice for a newb?

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    @stigzler you're using Batocera not Recalbox you should look for help on its forum

  • Oh sorry.. I just followed a link from a setup vid for recalbox. I just assumed it had changed its name. Is batocera a fork?

  • @stigzler Batocera is a fork. So for batocera related questions, please ask its dev

    concerning wiringPi on the real genuine Recalbox, i haven't included it yet for C2 and XU4, but that's something i'm really looking forward to

    So I'll do my best to add it in the 4.1 release. But we have very much work these days on the 4.1, and there is an issue concerning wiringPi

  • @Substring thanks for the reply! Don't really understand the difference between Batocera and RecalBox, but good to know things are being covered in different bases.

  • @stigzler let's say some people decided to go their own way instead of staying with the mainline team ...

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