Thank You

  • Just wanted to say thank you once again for this wonderful software emulation package. I put it here because it does involve some troubleshooting and your software was the one that came to save the day once again.

    Retropie crashed on me. AGAIN.

    This time, the Kodi 17.1 beta that came out for them and they had the instructions on how to update it to that version along with the joystick updates so that it would work. So I did it thinking it would fix my issues with Kodi....this box has been exclusively programmed to work with the Retropie package....lo and behold, not only did it crash on me, it then prevented Emulation Station from reading ANY of the controllers or keyboards connected to the USB ports so I couldn't program it. Also, since the Pi 3 couldn't complete the boot process, it couldn't obtain an IP address, so no net access through Putty or WinSCP either. Flashed a USB drive to create a temporary Ubuntu environment to try to copy the ROMs and fiolder structure off of there to try to rebuild the card, couldn't do that either.

    180+ GB worth of games on a 200 GB Sandisk Class 10 UHS-1 Micro SD card. Down the $#!++er.

    This marked the 10th time Retropie has crashed on me over some bull$#!+. I was mad.

    So I torched it and reformatted the micro SD card. With my games on USB drives, and me on the road, of course, I had remembered Recalbox, and then waited to update the Pi with it. I love you guys. Seriously. Thank you for making it so easy and painless to get up and running with both video gaming and Kodi.

    I'm not a computer amateur by any means, but Retropie is such a God-dmned pain in the @$$ to f**ing use and set up. Recalbox makes life so much easier. Thank you all for such a wonderful piece of software.

  • @Shockwave Thank you for your message, in the name of the team (I love the tags of this post lol)

    Retropie is a good distribution (and does not suck lol) no matter your experience with it. Maybe a bit less "computer amateur" than recalbox, but it's definitively the mother of all retrogaming on pi, with a huge community (and many contributers i'd love to have in Recalbox haha). You had a bad experience and Recalbox suits better your needs 🙂

    We try as hard as possible to make it user friendly, and as robust as possible. Of course some people would like to see more emulators, more updates, but we are very few to work on it, and we all aim the same target : easyness of enjoyment.

    Enjoy your Recalbox with your USB stick 🙂

  • @Substring Oh I can think of a few ways Retropie does suck. I know you're probably a lot more respectful and give due respect (and yes, I know they were the first and largest community on the Pi), but LORD. Come on man.

    1. Only officially support the Pi. Other platforms are not officially supported, and if you have a problem with those, the mods are ahem less than receptive in helping you. Putting it mildly. You have a problem on x86, C1, etc. too bad.

    2. Ease of use has its perks. I think the last thing anyone wants to do is mess around with a Linux command line. Most people just want to sit down and play retro games. Recalbox (and even Lakka) give them the chance to do just that. Retropie, after some setup woes, and if the $#!+ doesn't crash on you, might let you that.

    3. USB bootable. Featured in both Lakka and Recalbox for x86. Not so for the Retropie (unless Raspian for x86 can support Retropie in its USB live mode). What person who doesn't have computer knowledge and general knowledge of boot modes and Linux is going to know that?!?!

    4. Best optimizations for the Pi 3 I have ever seen. You made the right choices in all aspects to build an emulation/Kodi package that just works on the Pi 3. We won't talk about the PPA packages that you have to download to get Kodi 17.1 working on the Pi 3 using Retropie without praying it doesn't crash your collection on the SD card.

    Yeah, you could emulate more platforms on the Pi like Retropie does, but the platforms they do emulate outside of the typical Retroarch sets run like $#!+. Dreamcast emulation is spotty at best, even with a heavy overclock. PSP emulation is ghastly. N64 emulation is well-noted to be a pain in the @$$ on Retropie because of all of the configuration problems that would swamp a newbie with frustration.

    Normally, I would attribute it to user error (my own fups) and call it a day. If that truly were the case (and I'm not going to lie, it was in some of the earlier times it crashed and I had no clue what the f I was doing), I'd chalk it up to a bad experience and not say a word about the software. But as I gained more knowledge about Retropie, Recalbox, Lakka and Linux in general, the more holes and problems I found in Retropie and how many ways it can crash on you (and did, in my case, often in new and unexpected and surprising ways).

    Still wanted to thank you all and Retropie still sucks. LOL

  • @Shockwave Recalbox suits your needs and skills, and that's what we aim at 🙂

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