What is the correct way to back up roms after scraping?

  • I have a lot of roms that I already scraped via recalbox and it took forever to do it. I've tried backing up the roms folder to a Windows share but restoring that folder on a new recalbox install does not show any images or game info. If I go to the recalbox share directory I can see the various game system folders and inside I see the rom files as well as the download_images folder populated with images. Why isn't the recalbox seeing these?

  • Various questions :
    -how and when did you scrape them ? Did you scrape from es ? Or from an external tool ?

    • have you rebooted at least once before saving ? If you scraped from es, ES writes metadata on exit, not on the fly. This could explain your problems

    As an overall rule, we strongly recommend you use an external storage device like a usb key, and not store roms on your sd. A fat32 key is easy to handle, and even easier to backup 🙂

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    @ivwshane do you also copy the gamelist.xml file ?
    Which version of recalbox are you using ?

  • I'm using the latest beta. I copy everything in the roms folder. I copy from windows connected to the pi via the network share. All files are copied to the pi's sd card.

    I have tried using the PC based scrapers located in the community sub forum here. The scraper looked like it was working but my roms were mostly already scraped so the process took about a minute to scrape over 400 roms.

  • As I said, Es must have been shutdown before scraping

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    I don't understand that. Why would ES need to be shutdown if I'm scraping from my PC?

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    He meant copying the files (especially the gamelist.xml) to your recalbox. You must shut down ES before editing the gamelists.

  • Got it! Thanks guys! That worked and all is good now.

    To shutdown ES I pressed F4 and it blacks out the screen. Once I'm done copying the game list.xml file is there a way to restart ES from that blank screen or do I simply unplug the pi and then plug it back in?

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    /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation stop
    /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation start

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