Someone have the 8bitdo NES30 Pro in bluetooth working ?

  • Hi, I recently build my mini Recalbox on a Rasberry Pi 3 and I bought 2 NES30 Pro controller.
    They are working out of the box when connected USB, no setup to do and working great.
    The best setup would be to make it work Bluetooth but after many many hours they still don't pairs.
    The new version came with firmware 1.7 I also tried with 1.62 1.68 1.69 and none are working...
    controllers.bluetooth.enabled=1 and all the other controller setting are at 0.

    I'm desperately looking for someone that figure out how to make NES30 Pro working in Bluetooth.


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    @OZRay are you trying to use the internal bluetooth from the RPi3? It isn't supported yet! You need a bluetooth dongle for the moment.

  • OMG really! 😞 That's why many are talking about Bluetooth dongle... 🙂
    Do you know what is the best compatible dongle to use for the NES30 Pro ?
    Can it be connected directly in one of the 4 USB port? I also read that some
    dongle need to be connected to a powered USB hub???

    Thanks for your help!

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    There is a very helpful wiki .

    Give it a try 🙂

    Dongles actually do not need a separate power supply.

  • Sorry found it just after posting my message thanks for your help I will order one.
    You know if the internal one will work soon ?

  • Don't expect the internal BT ni 4.0, but rather 4.1
    And don't ask for an ETA for 4.1 😄 The ETA is "When it's done"

    On there is a suggested amazon basket. Despite it points to the french amazon, you can still get the dongle references. It's a CSL one

  • Hahaha yes no problem will go get a dongle, just don't wanted to go get a dongle if everyone except me know that internal BT will be supported this week, 😛

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