Changing the output to VGA via network

  • Hi

    i just got my rpi3b and i installed recalbox on it and its working fine on the hdmi screen

    now i want to run the rpi3/recallbox on an old pc crt monitor using HDMI to VGA converter but i dunno what to change in the recalbox.config file to make it work on the crt (I'm accessing the config file via network)

    can anyone plz explain step by step what exactly i need to edit in the config file?
    also do u have any tips for the best video sittings for a 15" crt monitor? is recalbox going to auto detect and change it to 648 x 480 for example or i need to do that myself?


  • This all depends on your HDMI2VGA dongle. On the 2 I own, even if they are the same brand, one is "better" than the other.

    A good dongle will be able to get the resolutions your monitor supports and tell recalbox about them.

    The only thing you must change manually is the global.videoconfig var in the recalbox.conf file and set it to the the DMT mode corresponding to 640x480@desired refresh rate. That's the best case

    If your dongle is crappy, you would have to force the resolution in the /boot/config.txt

    I can't stress enough to read the "video configuration detailed" on the wiki, you will get a nice overview of how video works on the pi and recalbox 🙂

  • The wiki says "DMT 4" for 640 x 480

    global.videomode=DMT 4 <<<- is this correct?

  • DMT 4 HDMI maybe, check the current value.

    The wiki also says you should use tvservice to know whay resolutions your monitor supports

  • I got my rpi today and honestly i have no idea how or where to use " tvservice " or how to access the boot/config.txt

    plz help!

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    Well start by reading the manual and the How to wiki pages everything is in there.

  • Carefully read the wiki :

    • you need to connect via ssh to your recalbox (needs to be plugged on your network)
    • run the tvservice command as described in the wiki

  • The recalbox is working now on the crt
    I have new problem with copying some games.. some psx games for example wont move to the recalbox when i drag them there

    also the 8Bitdo SFC30 is not detected by bluetooth, i turned it on by holding R and START but recalbox isn't detecting any signal like its not there, i updated the firmware and still no luck

    Thank you for the help.

  • @OrochiMishima That's a different topic. I close this one and ask you to open a new topic regarding your 8bitdo und game problem. Please keep the correct sections in mind.

    Game/Emulator Problems: HERE
    Controller Problems: HERE
    General Problems: HERE

    And of course, please use the search function. We already a few solutions for 8btido Controllers, internal BT and problems with copying games. Thank you.

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