How to get Gamecube, Wii, and PS2 on 64-bit Recalbox?

  • Running the 64-bit Pc version of Recalbox, which has been great. I see there are rom folders for Gamecube and Wii but, i can't get them to run for anything. I searched around for Bios and tried some, no luck. Thing is, i can play gamecube & wii in windows 10 using Dolphin emulator, and it never once required a Bios files for me to run. Is that different for Recalbox?

    Also is Playstation 2 available on Pc recalbox, or some way to add it? My Pc is plenty powerful enough to play PS2 at full-speed using PCSX2 also. But Recalbox is my favorite gaming O.S and it would be awesome if i could have it all running inside of Recalbox instead with everything else.

  • There is no PS2 on recalbox.

  • @Pitch64 said in How to get Gamecube, Wii, and PS2 on 64-bit Recalbox?:

    There is no PS2 on recalbox.

    Darn. Well it Needs to be added for Pc version! Just like Sega Saturn, Playstation 2 emulation is no longer a challenge anymore. Modern entry level computers can run PS2 games fine.

    Also what about Gamecube and Wii? Like i said i downloaded and tried several bios but, no luck. What exactly do i need to get those running?

  • Adding PS2 emulation is at a reflexion level actually 🙂

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