some N64 roms won't work properly on pi 4 Recalbox 7.0.1 but work fine pi 3 7.0.1

  • i recently got a pi 4, loaded Recalbox 7.0.1 on it.. for N64 rom 1080 Snowboarding, it runs good on pi3 Recalbox 7.0.1 , now i'm just taking the default emulators on a vanilla Recalbox 7.0.1 bare in mind.. here is what comes with 7.0.1 on pi3


    runs fine on Libetro Mupen64plus and Mupen64plus_next on pi 3.

    then, copy the 1080 snowboarding rom over to my pi 4 and i only get 3 choices for n64 emulators


    if i use the Mupen64plus or Mupen64plus_next i get the distorted video on screen you see below... if i use Libertro_parallel_n64 it runs almost like normal, except the sound is so awful like a shorted out stero speaker, so it's practically unplayable as well.. I can however start Zelda ocarina of time and it's fine audio and video 😞 , i suspect there might be other roms that have the same issue but these are the 2 for my testing of pi 4 recalbox.. anyone else having this issue ??


  • I have this problem too, not all Mupen64 emulators show to me

  • Mupen cores were disabled on rpi4 because they were not launching at all. If those cores have improvements in the future, they could be back.

    For the others issues, I have the same with 1080 at some point, there is nothing to do unfortunately.

  • Just FYI those other cores are showing up on PC version of Recalbox, but have not been able to get them working 100% (Video misalignment) I'll be trying to fix it this week.

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