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Where can I find the correct BIOS files

  • I switched from retropie over to recalbox because recalbox is sleeker and officially includes Kodi.

    My ROMS are stored on my external hard drive and I can see them in recalbox, but now I am missing BIOS files for most of my games. Is there a thread (apologies if i missed it) or list where I can check which BIOS I need?

    My sega and snes games worked but I need BIOS for PlayStation and dreamcast.

    Also how do I bring up the emulator menu? I have a ps4 dualshock controlller plugged in and have mapped the hotkey button but nothing happens when I press it, nor when I hit ESC on my keyboard.


  • I googled most of the Bioses and checked the checksum with winmd5 to match the readme in the bios folder 🙂 Only hard to find bios was the one for gamecube - else is really easy - google "Console" Bios and you mostly just need to copy the files into the plain bios folder if not it is mentioned in the readme

    Hope this helps 🙂

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    @ip_cam_fan Please do not request BIOS in the forum: they have copyrights, it is illegal to distribute them, so it is forbidden to request and distribute in the Forum, which can be banned!
    This video can help you (there are no subtitles yet, so enable automatic subtitles and then enable translation to the language you want):

  • Exact, missing bios are 'missing' because they are copyrighted. You can only play with Google to find them (try with the bios name and their MD5).

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