PS4 Controller with Kodi Stuck Button?

  • This seems to be similar to a topic I see posted back in 2017 but I'll explain the situation and see if anyone has any idea how to fix it. When I use my PS4 controller with Kodi things work fine for a little while but all of a sudden I experience what seems like lag. Eventually everything acts better and I can navigate again; however, I notice then that I cant increase the audio volume. If i hold the left trigger button to increase the volume it instantly goes back down to mute when I let the button go. I also notice that I can't power down Kodi and return to EmulationStation when I hit the power button the power menu pops up then instantly closes and it keeps doing this over and over again until I get up and manually reboot the Raspberry Pi. So it seems like a button is getting stuck causing the power menu to constantly close right after it opens and makes the volume minimize down to mute, but IDK. Has anyone else experience these issues, if so what did you do to resolve them?

    Using a Raspberry Pi 4 with RecalBox 7.0 and PS4 Controller via Bluetooth

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