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Overclocking Pi4 with recalbox 7

  • Hi guys,

    was just wondering if it is possible to overclock the pi 4 with recalbox 7 installed.
    Would it work through emulation station terminal or config file?
    There is an overclock option in the advanced settings, but it only has the "NONE" option.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @phimjohn config.txt file only but be very carreful... be sure tu have a good cooling heatsink fan system, because Pi4 heats up a lot.

  • @ian57 thanks for the response! I do have sufficient cooling and will go with a light overclock.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @phimjohn Please tell us the results :

    post here your config.txt modifications and cooling devices to get a stable overclock.

  • I have tried:

    over voltage 6
    arm freq 2000
    gpu freq 600

    I have tested in Raspbian and its been stable, but I'm not sure how to check if the overclock went through when I'm running recalbox. I've tested dreamcast games and they look like they are running the stock values.

    I have edited the config.txt found in the /recalbox/config.txt

    Any suggestions to how I can check the status of the overclock while running recalbox?

  • Hi

    with Argon one case, I tried

    Works pretty well for me so far (1h psp/dcst games + screensaver). Temp max at 54°.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

  • @ian57 Very interesting article, thank you Ian !

    My first attempt was OV=4, arm=1750, GPU=600. temp was below 51°.
    So I decided to increase cpu and gpu to resp. 2000/750. But still OV=4. Big mistake, the RPi refused to initiate all the time, and impossible to recover the config.txt in W10. So I had to create a new system in my SDCard. No big deal, but I was pretty upset with me 🙂

    So I tried 6/2000/750 and it runs pretty fine with my Argon1 case so far, with pretty good temp (<55°C till now).
    PSP games runs just fine now, except GoW, not very fluid. not a problem, will skip frames or decrease resolution for this game only.

    the only cons is, from time to time, the RPIs refuses to start. the red led is there, but no signal to the TVset. Not a big issue, I restart everything and the 2nd time it starts well...
    If I refer to the article, maybe an issue due to the GPU OC. I should try to decrease it to 700, or even less. Also it seems the OC of the GPU is not really useful/needed if I understand well. I also read benchmark results confirming this... I will investigate further...

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @myjosito overclocking... is risky very risky 🙂
    thx for the feedback

  • @ian57 said in Overclocking Pi4 with recalbox 7:

    @myjosito overclocking... is risky very risky 🙂

    Yes, I confirm.
    I managed to always recover tricky situations till now (with my desktop or laptop computers CPUs/GPUs)... with no or little damage. But wouldn't recommand it to ppl with no experience at all doing this.

  • This post is deleted!

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