GPICase SNES default button configuration

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    First and foremost I'd like to thank the Recalbox team for the excellent work. It's my favorite forks of Emulationstation:
    I run it on my PC (x86 with a USB boot drive) and on my Raspberry Pi Zero GPiCase

    I am new here and I use the following setup:

    • Retroflag GPi Case;
    • Raspberry Pi Zero W
    • Recalbox 6.1.1 Dragonblaze;

    Everything works smoothly except!

    Within SNES emulator, the buttons are swapped again.
    In the Xbox game pad the button layout is as it shows:
    As well as on the Logitech:

    X Y A B
    Therefore, it's right that the Super Nintendo emulator swap the buttons X and Y and A and B.
    However, on the Retroflag GPi CASE:

    • On the Interface, the button scheme / layout is working perfectly
    • On the SNES Emulator however it's being "re-swapped" the button A is being mapped to the "south button" B to the "east button", X to the "west button" and Y to the "north button"
    • (Or in other words, A and B are swapped and X and Y are swapped)


    Is there a way to fix this so the buttons match the location of the buttons?
    I haven't yet searched for a solution in the configuration files as I believe someone else has already figured out where is the SNES config file and made the necessary adjustments.

    What I have done and did not work was:

    • Re-map the buttons manually on the menu;
    • Attempt to re-map the buttons for this emulator only;
      (It was taking so long I stopped trying)

    I'd be very glad if someone could help me.

    Thanks again,

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    @LuigiPuzo you can just remap the buttons in Emulationstation. Afaik retroflag controllers have the xbox controller name, thus they are not perfectly compatible with each other.

  • @paradadf That worked now 🙂
    Thanks again.
    I'll try to find out "why it didn't work before". I think I made something wrong.

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