Recalbox 6.1.1 loses two 8bitdo controls bluetooth connection.

  • Themer

    Good morning guys, Recalbox 6.1.1 is not allowing the native bluetooth connection of two 8bitdo controls, it keeps the connection but after a few minutes the connection is lost, the controls are with the latest firmware version, there is a solution or we will have to wait for a new update to resolve the issue? I appreciate the help.

  • Good luck trying to solve this on 6.1.1. I had to rollback to 6.1.0 (the previous version) which was working flawlessly with my 8bitdo controllers. I was lucky I had another rpi3 with 6.1.0 installed so I cloned my other card.
    I tried to install 6.1.1 from scratch on several cards and several rpi3 to no avail. Also tried connecting with bluetoothctl - it works but loses connection on reboot.
    So reinstalled 6.1.0 and everything is ok. Good luck trying to find the 6.1.0 to download though.

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    Try to enable this option in recalbox.conf via winscp ou share network with notepad++ , not recalbox manager.
    reboot and forget gamepad, and try another sync BT and configure gamepad

    # -------------- D - Controllers ----------------- #
    # Enable support for standard bluetooth controllers
    # Enable ERTM

  • Hello,

    I had the same issue. I followed @acris solution and it works !

    Thank you !

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