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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Apple IIGS

  • Hi guys,
    someone try to play with Apple IIGS? i try all games and none start.

    Can u help me?


  • Hello to all. I have the same problem as you. my roms are on an external hdd. I doubt that this is the problem. I had already asked if anyone was aware of the fact, but I have not yet received an answer. I await some clarification on the matter. A greeting.

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    You must copy the required bios (either rom1 or rom3) in the bios folder, and name the bios file apple2gs.rom

  • Sur Raspberry Pi 3.

    A mon avis, l'installation est OK, mais ça ne marche pas.
    En effet,
    slot 5 drive 1 (s5d1) lance les disquettes GS
    slot 6 drive 1 (s6d1) lance les disquettes AppleII
    slot 7 drive 1 (s7d1) lance le disque dur

    Sauf erreur de ma part, il semble que l'émulateur lance les disquettes en s7d1 donc ça ne marche pas. Lire le fichier gsplus.cfg créé (après le lancement d'une image) qui se trouve dans le dossier .config.
    Malheureusement impossible de démarrer une image de disque dur bootable avec le GSOS même en créant un fichier gsplus.cfg placé dans la liste de rom (???)

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    Hello @jpdonald
    it's english forum, please use this language or create your own topic in french forum.

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    There are 3 known issues with the appleIIGS emulator on Recalbox 6.1:

    • Multidisk games are not loaded proprely (only the last is loaded in s7d1)
    • Pads with no joysticks make the emulator not running
    • BIOS info are missing in the manager and the bios/readme.txt

    Everything is fixed in the soon-to-be-released fix version.

  • thank you for your kind and quick reply. I followed your instructions and I also looked at the links and manuals you indicated.
    unfortunately it still does not work.

    i have a rasp with games on external hdd.

    other tips?

    thanks in the meantime

  • i try but nothing,
    all games dont works 😞

    i try with rb3 and pcx64

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    @gothrek Wait for the soon-to-be-released fix version.

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