Current state AdvanceMame with Recalbox 6.1

  • Hello,
    this below is a table made by me with the games that I currently have installed on my Recalbox 6.1 and that I use with the AdvanceMame emulator to take advantage of games that use lasergun, trackball, spinner and vector graphics.
    As you can see in the second column "Recalbox v18.07.13", most of the roms worked correctly and without any particular problems. I noticed the first slowdowns from the 6.0 version of Recalbox and continue to be there also in the Recalbox 6.1 (column 3).

    Can anyone confirm this?


    AdvanceMame Emulator status

    ROMS RecalBox v18.07.13 RecalBox v6.0 & v6.1
    1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally Perfect Perfect
    Arkanoid Perfect Perfect
    Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh Perfect Perfect
    Arkanoid Returns Perfect Slow
    Asteroids Perfect Perfect
    Bad Lands Perfect Perfect
    Bang! Perfect Perfect
    Battle Zone Perfect Perfect
    Born To Fight Perfect Perfect
    Block Block Perfect Perfect
    Cabal Perfect Perfect
    Caliber 50 Perfect Perfect
    Cameltry Perfect Perfect
    Centipede Perfect Perfect
    Clay Pigeon Perfect Perfect
    Championship Sprint Perfect Slow
    Crystal Castles Perfect Perfect
    Crater Raider Perfect Perfect
    Dragon Gun Perfect Good in Menu - Slow in Game
    Discs Of Tron Perfect Perfect
    Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Perfect Slow
    Gigas Perfect Perfect
    Goindol Perfect Perfect
    Gunbuster Perfect Slow
    Gravitar Perfect Good
    Irritating Maze, The Perfect Perfect
    Lethal Enforcers Perfect Good
    Lemmings Perfect Perfect
    Lethal Justice Good Good
    Lucky & Wild Perfect Slow
    Major Havoc Perfect Good
    Lunar Lander Perfect Perfect
    Line Of Fire / Bakudan Yarou Perfect Slow
    Marble Madness Perfect Perfect
    Missile Command Perfect Perfect
    N.y. Captor Perfect Good
    Night Stocker Perfect Perfect
    Off The Wall Perfect Perfect
    Operation Wolf Perfect Perfect
    Operation Wolf 3 Good Good
    Out Run Perfect Slow
    Pole Position Perfect Perfect
    Puzz Loop Perfect Slow
    Outfoxies, The Good Slow
    One Shot One Kill Perfect Perfect
    Point Blank Perfect Slow
    Police Trainer Perfect Perfect
    Prebillian Don't test Good
    Racing Hero Don't test Slow
    Revolution X Good Slow
    Road Blasters Perfect Good
    Rough Racer Don't test Slow
    Sharpshooter Perfect Perfect
    Space Gun Perfect Slow
    Star Trek Don't test Good
    Star Wars Good Slow
    Super Sprint Perfect Slow
    Tac/scan Perfect Good
    Tempest Perfect Slow
    Terminator 2 - Judgment Day Don't test Good
    Tournament Arkanoid Perfect Perfect
    Thunder Ceptor Don't test Slow
    Syvalion Perfect Perfect
    Under Fire Don't test Slow
    Wec Le Mans 24 Perfect Perfect
    Zombie Raid Perfect Perfect

  • Hello,
    I recently installed the Recalbox 6.1, starting from scratch. I own an Ultimarc SpinTrak and tried to run the "Out Run" roms on advmame and I can confirm that it runs very slow and with audio problems too. I have not tried the other roms because for the moment I am not interested, but when I have a moment, I can test some of the others and see if I find the same problems you have.

    Sorry for English, but I'm Italian.

  • @gkm Hello,
    so you too, the Outrun roms gives you problems of slowing down. It is already something and I feel relieved (at least it's not just my problem).
    It would be great if I could try another one of the ROMS listed above.

    But I also wanted to do another test. Install the Recalbox 6.1 on an 8 GB microSD card (I currently use a 64 GB microSD card), and try out the Outrun roms for example. Then install Recalbox 18.07.13 (hoping to find the image of the OS somewhere) on another microSD and try to start Outrun. Always using the AdvanceMame emulator. And let's see a little ...

  • Then I installed Recalbox 6.1 on a new micro SD (unfortunately I only have a 32 GB memory).
    First I performed a complete formatting using the software:

    Then as recommended by some guide, I started guiformat.exe completely deleted any remaining partitions:

    So I uploaded the image on the microSD, started the system, connected to the Wifi, copied the ROMS for Advancemame and this is the result. Still slowdowns and audio problems.

  • Most of your games in this list run without problem with mame2003 plus. Some of them needs some special configuration (I use a keyboard sometimes to enter some config screens), maybe this could help you:

  • Tester

    vector games are definitively better on AdvanceMame (Asteroids, BattleZone...)

  • @jorgemagana I don't use mame2003 because as specified, for most of these ROMS I use 2 spinner. with mame2003 I never managed to make it work, while with advancemame it is very simple.

    @glook yes also for this use advancemame.

    Maybe they inadvertently did something that slowed Advancemame in some way. Before I used these ROMS without any problems.

  • I also use Advancemame because I had problems configuring my SpinTrack on the mame2003. We hope they can solve the problems of slowing down. Thanks Dreymix for the test!
    I unfortunately don't have any other microSD to do more tests. But as soon as I can I try with other ROMS.

  • Good evening,
    I was able to find and install again the old version of Recalbox v18.07.13, on the same 32 GB microSD where I had previously installed the Recalbox v6.1. I again formatted and reset the partition with the programs mentioned above.
    I tried some games, from the table above, that with the Recalbox v6.1 gave the aforementioned slowdown problems. Instead with the v18.07.13 it has behaved very well.

    The games have been started, as always, using the AdvanceMame emulator:

    • Outrun
    • Arkanoid Returns
    • Championship Sprint
    • Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat
    • Dragon Gun

    Video Youtube: Recalbox v18.07.13 Advancemame perfect!

  • I watched the video and actually something happened. Outrun as I see it behaved very well on the old version.
    Is there a way to bring the same version of advmame back to the 6.1 recalbox?

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    Advancemame hasn’t been updated... that makes it difficult to track down what could be causing the slowdown. I’d suggest to try mame2003plus, as it has gotten many improvements in the regards that has been mentioned here.

  • @paradadf Hello,
    I tried several times to configure my SpinTrak with mame2003plus, but I never succeeded. The fact is that Advancemame has the advantage of assigning the mouse ID, even if you attack 2 of them at the same time and all settings are made easily via configuration files. While on mame2003plus I never managed to configure two mice as separate devices. When I access the menu (TAB) of the mame and configure one, then the other takes the same actions. Even by assigning IDs to it through Retroarch I haven't solved.

    It's not that I want to rush you, God forbid, but I hope that sooner or later you will take a look at what happened with the latest versions. It would really be a shame to lose some features of the Advancemame.

    Thx 😉

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    @gkm not entirely sure this is exactly what you need, but in the following topic they talk a lot about analog input devices.

    It might be just a configuration thing... contacting the people there might give you insights as I really belive I've read spinners do work with mame2003plus.


  • @paradadf Thanks,
    as soon as I have some time, I'll see if I can set up at least one mame2003plus game using two spinners (hoping to succeed).

    However, the intent of my post was also to make people understand what happened on the latest version of Recalbox. I don't know if you can tell the developers. As I repeat, there is no hurry, as long as it is made present.


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    @dreymix the team is well aware of this post, don’t worry.

  • @paradadf Sorry for the delay. Thanks a lot 😉

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