N64 / mupen64 crashes

  • Hi, first of all, thank you for this amazing OS. It works quite well with SNES on my RPi2. However, when i run N64 games, i encounter crashes (=RPi2 does not respond anymore and needs power re-plugging). The game starts without a problem, i can play some minutes, and in some random situation it freezes. I think it happened for me with Zelda - Ocarina of time and another ROM at least. Is this expected, because N64 emulation is in beta state?

  • Hi, did you overclock your rpi ? When you have a freeze, don't disconnect your power supply, you will corrupt files. Use a ssh connection, then killall mupen64plus command.

  • Hi! Same here. Doesn't matter if I overclock the rpi 2 or not. (3.3.0 Beta 17, rpi2 with two heat sinks). After a couple of minutes playing, the emu freezes completely. Happened with Zelda, Mario 64, Mario Tennis (basically with every game I tried). I always pulled the plug and lucky me, my filesystem has never been corrupted. Until now, I never experienced freezes with other emus than mupen64 either overclocked or not.

  • I had the same problem except with Super Mario 64; is a graphic plugin problem. I solved it changing my graphic plugin to n64 in recalbox.conf (n64.core=n64)  glide and rice are unstable.

  • Thanks for your answers. I did not overclock the pi2 and it runs the games mostly smoothly. Today i tried the n64 graphics plugin, and mupen64 crashed again (after ~5 minutes) with super mario kart 64. I was able to login via ssh and reboot recalbox. Any suggestions? Is N64 running smooth and without crashes for somebody?

  • Same here, I also changed the graphics plugin in the recalbox.conf , but it still crashes after some minutes.

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    Overlock your rpi2 ?

  • You mean it could run more stable with overclocking?

  • Mine is not overclocked, I can kill the Emulator- process, when I ssh the recalbox, so I think its not a hardware problem. I allready changed the Power-Adapter but I guess its not a stability problem. I also tried changing the plugin in the recalbox.conf in n64.core=n64, but that as well did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?   By the way: Except this little bug I really like Recalbox, easy to handle, working very stable, nice design!

  • N64 was previously working (with a few tweaks) when I was running 3.2.11. I recently upgraded to beta 17 and now N64 locks up usually after 5 mins or so of use. I'm using and rpi2 and I've tried it overclocked and non-overclocked. I've tried n64 plugin and glide plugin and both have the same issue. Is this what you are experiencing?  have you determined a fix?  it was running decent for me on 3.2.11 other than some sound lags.  No issues with lock up on other emulators.

  • Yes, this is exactly what i am experiencing. Snes and Playstation run fine, N64 freezes with all graphic plugins. I'm running beta 17 and didn't try any older version. Sadly, i did not found a fix. But as I also have a lot of SNES games i want to play again, i didn't invest much time on the n64 problem...

  • Can you please try to switch audio plugin. You must edit this file : /recalbox/configs/mupen64/mupen64plus.cfg then switch this line AudioPlugin = "mupen64plus-audio-omx.so" by this one AudioPlugin = "mupen64plus-audio-sdl.so" I played 45min to super smash bross without any issue, and before N64 locks up always during the stage 2 "yoshi team world" I'm using a rpi 2 overclockedn gliden64 video plugin, and n64.videomode=DMT 9 HDMI video mode. I'm waiting your feedbacks.

  • Had the same issue as the other guys. The change with the AudioPlugin seem to work for me. Played Mario 64 for like an houre perfeclty smooth without any crash or freeze. So thanks dude!

  • thanks a lot. Changing the audio plugin worked for me too.

  • Hi everyone, since this is my first post here let me say how much I appreciate recalOS. I am really thankful to ones spending there time on keeping this project alive and bring constant improvements. Unfortunately I cannot contribute to the programming tasks, but at least I can give a feedback. I had the same problem of a freezing N64 emulator and observed the effect for all of the following versions: 3.3.14 beta, 3.3.17 beta. I would really like to test the solution posted above by rockaddicted but I cannot find the mentioned file "mupen64plus.cfg". I read through the forum, wiki and checked my SD card on my Mac and over SSH but no luck.  Im sry in case I asked a stupid question, nevertheless I would be happy if someone would point me the direction. Thanks a lot.

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    Hi @partoz! Try using this software to ssh into your recalbox to have a graphical interface: https://winscp.net/eng/index.php You will be able to see the different folders inside and then look for the path given: /recalbox/configs/mupen64/mupen64plus.cfg When you find it, you can right click on it and edit. I hope that helps you.

  • I'm having the same issue when playing some n64 games. I'll try your solution and let you guys know later. thanks for all the hardwork on recalbox OS!

  • Hi, same problem here until I found a solution. After nights for crying without goldeEye 🙂 I simple change the n64.core Varibale in the /recalbox/share/system/recalbox.conf from gliden64 to n64 I player well for round about 2 Houres than I have to do something other...   Btw.. I also changes the Audio configuration... Don't knew if you habe to do it too.

  • Hi everyone, I did not try again to connect via SSH to my Pi but found an old Linux Live CD with which I was able to find and edit the mupen64plus.cfg file. I was playing without any emulator freeze (Mario Kart, Mario Paper, Zelda OoT with gliden64 plugin) since then. I am looking forwad to version 3.3/4.0 and continue beta-testing. Thanks for the help so far!

  • some more feedback: rpi2, overclocked, running 3.3.0-beta17 HDMI video, analog jack audio 2 PS3 controllers connected over bluetooth   since I use the analog audio, I have to enable OUTPUT_PORT = 0\. However, when I do this I get terrible FPS lag in games (tried Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart 64) the trick with AudioPlugin = "mupen64plus-audio-sdl.so" fixed the FPS.

    • Mario Kart crashed after ~8min (the RasPi really froze, shells time out too). However, I'm not entirely sure if it was running gliden64 or n64, since I switched it multiple times 🙂
    • Diddy Kong ran fine for >20min (until I gave up 🙂 )

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