recalbox is not working properly on odroid c2

  • odroid c2
    Recalbox is not working properly on odroid c2 every time booting up i have to configure the keyboard and wifi and some time is connected some time no plus bluetooth is not pairing with my wiimote ssh is not working

  • it is unfunctional actually nothing to play with roms not working

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    @najaray As the only information you get is that you have a C2 odroid, and that it has several problems, without saying what version of Recalbox you are using, or how you recorded the image, so that someone can try to help, the only tip that I can give is:
    Reinstall the latest official version, from scratch, and try, without adding any ROM, and without modifying any configuration.

  • I did a fresh boot still the same I think because no one is using odroid c2 I'm sure no one knows that Img is corrupted I suggest to remove the Img

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    @najaray did you use the official image of the latest version (6.0 currently)?
    How did you record the image? Are you recording the image on an SD card, or on a USB drive? What brand / model / size?
    You have waited for the first boot to finish, or restarted when The boot "frozen" on the first black screen? (The first boot is always slower and always "freezes" on a black screen because it is in this first boot that the system creates the SHARE partition)

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    @najaray you're NOT the only user using an odroid C2, so instead of saying the img is corrupted, please give us more informations.

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