[RESOLVED] Cannot connect to Raspberry Pi from Windows

  • Hi, I have Recalbox installed on my RPi 2 and an ethernet cable connected to my windows 8.1 desktop. When I had RetroPi installed, I could run ifconfig to find my IP address and establish an SFTP connection to my device to transfer files. I cannot do this with Recalbox, nor do I see my device as part of my network on my computer. What can I do?

  • Try this: On the frontend screen, press F4 to quit, then ALT+F2 to get a terminal and use the same credentials as above. (User: root / Password: recalboxroot) Source: https://github.com/digitalLumberjack/recalbox-os/wiki/Mini-How-To-(EN)

  • I tried that :( I didn't get an IP address. It seems the system isn't making the connection. Any ideas?

  • @ashkeboussi: only to clarify, is the raspberry pi connected directly to the windows 8.1 desktop togehter? Both devices are not connected to an Switch?

  • Yes, they are directly connected. Is this an issue? My router is in my living room, and im keeping my pi in my bedroom, so using a switch could be inconvenient :/

  • The problem is, you don't get ip addresses assigned. That means you have to do this manually. You need to set both devices into the same ip range and this should be different than the configuration on your router. Do you know how to set the ip on Windows 8.1 and RPi on CLI?

  • I don't know how :/ the CLI shell that ships with Recalbox is foreign to me, unfortunately.

  • But on windows you know how to set the ip? On RPi you can follow this tutorial: http://www.suntimebox.com/raspberry-pi-tutorial-course/week-3/day-5/

  • Yeah, just go to control panels->network adapters->ethernet->ipv4 config->set static Ip. Do i need to set it to the same on windows and on the RPi?

  • nearly the same, the last octet of the ip address should not be the same number. A small Sample. On your PC you set ip with a subnetmask On your RPi you set ip with a subnetmask

  • I can now eastablish a connection (that only works with the correct credentials), but the rpi immediately terminates it.

  • Nevermind, using SCP as my protocol worked. Thanks!

  • you should also can conect with windows file explorer (cifs/samba)

  • Team

    That could be a mini how-to, but the standard and easy way is to connect the rpi to the home router and let windows detect samba shares :)

  • I will write this and add a page in the mini how-to.

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