Keyboard config: cannot hit "OK"?

  • Many Thanks.

    It is not my intention to run the recalbox with a keyboard in the true sense, but in a chic arcade case (Picade) with an arcade joystick (4 contacts) and about 10 buttons. That means my total of 14 "buttons" are connected to a small board (Pimoroni), which simulates 14 keys of a keyboard. This board is connected via USB to the Raspi.

    When I installed it the first time, 2 years ago, it worked without problems with the same hardware and the former Recalbox version (I think 4.0.1) (!). Today, when I take the latest version of Recalbox, I just have this problem that I no longer can trigger "OK" after configuring the control or buttons.

    I wonder how do other people operate the Recalbox in an any arcade case(s); presumably they have their joystick and the Arcade buttons also to map as keyboard buttons, right?

    It's frustrating, because I'm just one OK-click away that it works - like it worked with earlier versions of Recalbox...

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    @rk-aus-s Well for usb encoders sending their events as keyboard keys, like the IPAC I have, keys event are actually intercepted and transformed to joystick events which required specific development.

    I was not aware at all that pimoroni was supported though... and the persons most likely to have supported such boards left the team, and it would be a long time I guess before anyone can look into it...

    And anyway I will support only 6 buttons + start +select + hotkey, no more than that.

    You can still try to use that maybe :

    Do no reconfigure your keys at the begining, try it with your default conf first

  • @voljega

    Thanks a lot.

    As a matter of fact, my Pimoroni Board worked fantastic the last 2 years with Recalbox. And yes, your are right; finally I used only the Joystick (Up, Down, Left, Right) and mapped the buttons for A, B, X, Y, START, SELECT and HOTKEY. But that was enough to play many Arcade games.

    If I wanted to play NES games etc., I connected my XBOX360 controller.

    I will try your link above, even I (as a "noob") can still not understand what prevents Recalbox from one day to another to accept this simple, finally press of "OK" after mapping the joystick and the 6 buttons? I could trigger OK the last 2 years - every time - why not now anymore?


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    @rk-aus-s I don't know, I'm not in the team...

    Decisions were made or bugs were introduced maybe, I don't know.

  • @voljega

    Partially success. 🙂

    With your recommended link above, I have the success that Recalbox now doens't ask for Input Device configuration anymore. That's good. And the joystick and a few buttons do work!

    But, the most buttons do still not work, because the Pimoroni Board does obviousely simulate some keystrokes differnet so the Key Mapping does not match in every case.

    Can I edit this default Key Mapping (maybe there is a file which I can modify) in order it does match with the key strokes the Pimoroni board simulates?


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    @rk-aus-s For the IPAC they give a windows tool which allows you to modify key mapping for the board, maybe it's the same for Pimoroni ?

  • @voljega

    Yes, probably the is possible with the Pimoroni PCB as well...

    But, to be sure, I would like to install a Recalbox version of about autumn 2016.
    Is there any possibility to get such an image, maybe version 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 ?

    Or can anybody provide such an image which he has stored somewhere?

    As I see, there are currently issues with the Recalbox archive...

  • @rk-aus-s

    Hi again,

    next time please open only one topic:ählen
    Mehrere Posts zum selben Thema zu erstellen ist nicht sehr nett.

  • @abunille said in Keyboard config: cannot hit "OK"?:


    Hi again,

    That is a bad link. Code is now on gitlab, not github. Releases can be found here:

  • @abunille said in Keyboard config: cannot hit "OK"?:

    next time please open only one topic:ählen
    Mehrere Posts zum selben Thema zu erstellen ist nicht sehr nett.

    I'm sorry for that. I thought to post in english increases my chances to get help. But by then, it was to late to delete my post in german language.

    Will not happen again...

  • @rk-aus-s

    very good and much success 😉

    cant find the release of 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 on 😉

  • Now, I'm totally confused; I installed Recalbox 4.0.1 - and it seems I have the same troubles to hit "OK" on the end of Keyboard configuration as with current version. (How the hell did I configure the Pimoroni PCB 2 years ago?)

    But another question: If I do the configuration from this link

    which @voljega provided, the buttons do work. But in some games, I don't know how to terminate from the game? My Pimoroni PCB emulates the [ESC] and the [ENTER] keystroke, but they have no effect. The [ESC] - button on an additional, secondary connected USB-Keyboard works instead, so I can exit all games if I press [ESC] on this USB-Keyboard. But it's not my intention to leave connected a secondary keyboard all the time. 😕

    Maybe all is right and only I am to dumb to use Recalbox...?

    PS. I could remove my Pimoroni PCB and connect the Joystick and the Buttons direct via GPIOs, explained here:

    But how can I exit/terminate/kill an Arcade game which resists to get exited - if there is no [ESC]-button available?

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    @rk-aus-s well at least make the effort to read the manual on the wiki and other pages, exiting a game is done by hotkey + start

  • Sorry, sometimes you are so absorbed in a problem that you overlook the simplest things. Maybe this has happened to you at some point - that does not always have anything to do with laziness.

    Anyway, thank you for the hint.

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    @rk-aus-s no problem, hope it works fine now, so for future questions, did you have to modify your key bindings or did it work without it ?

    and if you had to modify it, did ou use the bindings from the wiki page ?

  • @voljega

    Will find out now the shortest, easiest possible procedure (for appleying the Pimoroni PCB) und post it here for you / all users respectively.

    If there emerge additional questions or issues, I hope I can count on your valueable hints.

    Thank you so far.

  • @voljega said in Keyboard config: cannot hit "OK"?:

    And anyway I will support only 6 buttons + start +select + hotkey, no more than that.

    To understand you right; I can now configure the joystick and 7 buttons: A, B, X, Y, START, SELECT, HOTKEY - no more. I'm slightly confused that you write "...6 buttons + start +select + hotkey" that's all in all 9 buttons (joystick not countet)?

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    @rk-aus-s on my IPAC I can also configure L1 and R1 in addition to those you mentioned

    And yes it's with joystick not counted

  • Well, I've now a general procedure to get Recalbox running on a Pimoroni Picade.
    Because I think this could be a valueable information, I decided to finish this thread and to open a new and fresh one. So nobody has to read through all the posts in this thread to come to the solution.

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