Menu and Kodi is not full screen on old netbook

  • hi... i had an old asus netbook:

    with broken screen and heat problem... i fixed it and decided to make it retro box and connect it to TV.
    alt text
    i installed Lubuntu 18.04 on it's main HDD and recalbox into and SD card.
    everything works fine i can get fullscreen Lubuntu and boot from SD card for recalbox.
    it can run games perfectly till Ps1 (45 FPS on PS1 no sound).
    i connected the laptop via the VGA output to the TV.

    every thing works great the only problem is the main menu and kodi is not full screen.
    like the picture the main menu is on bottom left.
    alt text

    and kodi starts on upper left.
    alt text

    but when i start a game it's OK and goes full screen.
    alt text

    please help me fix this problem.

  • plz help me... still need the solution.

  • @ash1390 Hi
    I'm new with recalbox but it looks like you just need to change the resolution of Emulation station and kodi in the recalbox.conf file with a specific one.
    Or change the global.videomode line but i'm not sure, can anyone confirm?

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