Original SNES console vs Recalbox

  • I was wondering if playing SNES on recalbox is the exact same thing as playing on an original SNES console?
    Say you used the same CRT TV for both and also used composite AV cables for both.
    You also used a USB controller to connect to the RPi which is the only way I know of other than using something like this.

    Would it be 1:1? Or would the RPi/Recalbox just lag a few ms behind the original hardware?

    I don't really know the technical stuff behind emulation. I just want to replicate the same experience.

  • Hi @Sylvester ,
    No, emulation is not the same exact thing.
    Technically, emulation simulates as good as possible the way a system works.
    You can reach something very very similar to the original, but you'll never get the "exact same thing".

    But let's be fair, using CRT TV + composite AV cables , and genuine controllers (I use this) can help you getting something very similar, and honestly, the most anoing part in emulation is that you "know" it's not the original thing.

    But technically it's nearly the same.

    You may experience some lag but only on low Raspberries (zero, RPi1, may be RPi2 on some games -yoshi's island for instance-) .

    According to me, Raspberry Pi 3 is great enough to give you an extremly near experience for 16bits consoles

    This is the experience I can share with you as I own nearly 20 original retro consoles.

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    @sylvester this might be of interest for you. Check also the references for a read about perfect snes emulation.

    There is a difference between perfect and playable emulation. The second one is what we get most of the time.

  • @unik314r
    I heard that when gaming on PC, "Any emulator will have higher latency than the real hardware simply because the input/output has to go through the OS".

    So would this be true for Recalbox/RPi since the RPi is basically a small computer and Recalbox is the OS?

  • @sylvester Yes it's true, but extremly negligible.
    As RPi3 is powerful enough to provide a (very) correct 16bits emulation, I bet you won't be disturbed by anything.
    It's worth trying 😉

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