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FC30 Pro (X) Mode on Recalbox 4.1.0 (Slow emulation)

  • Hi, I have a very particular problem with the FC30 Pro 8BitDo pad. I try to configure it in recalbox 4.1.0 with a raspberry PI 3 via bluetooth.

    The controller has already installed the latest firmware (4.01), I follow the configuration instructions, turn on with POWER + X (flashes twice per second) then press the pair button for 1 second. Recalbox detects the controller in (X) mode however it does not match it.

    Now, if I turn on the pad with only with POWER button and then press the pair button for 3 seconds, Recalbox detects the pad and this time match it sucessfull, then I do well the button mapping and everything is correct, until I open a game and emulation go slow, the loading symbol (flash) appears constantly, the interesting thing is that, when I disconnect the pad, immediately the emulation stops going slow.

    Even if I connect the controller by USB cable also the emulation goes slow. My specific question is if someone has the same problem with FC30 Pro and if someone could configure it in (X) mode in Recalbox 4.1.0.


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    @enrique-chacón please, do not open the same issue in different languages. One for an answer in one and be patient.

    Answered here:ón-lenta/

    (Bad power supply)

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