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The Recalbox Team.

The last release dosent have kodi 17?

  • Hi, i just installed the last release and no have kodi 17. Still 16.
    What can be wrong?
    Thanks for your help.
    I read in the post of the blog that this version come with 17... but, it is not?
    I dont speak english.

  • Global moderator

    Hello @9acca9

    kodi 17 will come later. It's a BIG Update very important.
    The team need to upgrade buildroot & kernel before.

  • ok, thanks but there is some approximate date??
    In the other hand. Why you do this of joint kodi to the combo. I mean, is great but, if kodi it will be a lot of time out of date, almost that does not make sense. At least if you use it for the add ons.
    The idea is great, a beatiful combo, but if dosent is up to date, well... As you know a lot of people do a Dualboot... so what is the meaning of having both together.

    Thanks for your time.
    (i dont speak english)

  • @9acca9 I wish you could aunderstand just for a second how much work it requires to get Kodi 17 ... It is planned, don't ask for when. In the top important things to do in Recalbox that are very sensible, it comes at place #2. First, I need to deal with #1, then i'll move on to #2. And this also means that I cannot work on other things meanwhile, things that could look important to other people ...

    so please wait, don't ask for any date, it will happen when it's ready. We're talking about the team's free time here, this is not our full time job (depite the countless hours we are spending every day on it).

  • @substring Ok, I appreciate your work.
    Is important to some people have kodi install?? (i mean, the majority dosent do the dual boot?)
    Recalbox is great out of the box but not with the kodi. So why not eliminate it?
    Maybe you are working in that area and it takes time that you can invest in problem #1.
    Anyway thanks for your time and recalbox, that not for nothing is the one I choose to install.

  • @9acca9 thank you for your kind words. We won't remove kodi, some people like that feature, and they may not have the knowledge for a dual boot.

  • @9acca9 @Substring I heard about Recalbox because I was looking for a duaboot solution for my home theater with a retro-gaming / media player option.

    Recalbox brings the best of both world, in a simple yet powerful solution. Since I don't use add-on heavily in Kodi, I can easily live with one or two version behind the official release since Kodi is such a mature product that I don't need the fancy latest feature to get it running.

    Keep everything in place please 😃


  • I would vote to remove kodi from recalbox. Some people use osmc or some other media player.
    Dualboot images exists just a click away. If you can't keep it up to date then remove it because this IS a problem.

    Put up a vote.

  • @marcdk Without removing Kodi from Recalbox, you could still use dualboot with another solution if you want a newer version. It doesn't mean the dev needs to remove Kodi from Recalbox since everybody, without additionnal knowledge, can have a fully functionnal version even if it's not the new Kodi 22.

    Now, if you consider the dev team are waisting their time keeping Kodi up-to-date, since we don't pay them, I believe they can do whatever they want, without a vote about this 😃 They mention already they want to keep it so everybody should be happy!


  • @patriccote I see your point. But if kodi is something that only a small part of the users actual use then the precious time should be used for other things. Or does recalbox track the usage of kodi? I think not. So a vote or poll should enlighten you.

    My bet: only 5% usw kodi. The other 95% just don't care about a media center or are using dual boot with the most recent version - or OSMC.

  • Banned

    @marcdk if you don't know you can deactivate Kodi (well at least the launching of it when clicking X) in EmulationStation.

  • @voljega I know that I can deactivate Kodi. But I use a plugin to link to the OSMC on my dual boot setup:

  • Global moderator

    Kodi will be updated but we have many things to do before.
    Please wait or don't use it, but we don't waste our time to remove it. Maybe he isn't up to date but it work and we can use it.

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