Recalbox x86x64 Pc , Dual boot with windows fat32 share partition.

  • So i just want to give advice to those who dont have 2 or more computers to transfer roms, or just simply want to install recalbox alog with windows, plus having a fat32 Share partition instead of ext4 , makes it easyer to update roms and stuff. Im not gonna post a full tutorial, but if i get enough interest, i can make one. Anyway if you have windows installed, you can use a live usb distro to rezise it and install recalbox on another logical partition or you can use 2 hardrives whatever is best for you, what i found was, that the share partition its formated in ext4 , so on windows i deleted the partition, in fat32, i restored the files from and backup i have, and voala, it worked, if i start recalbox, i have the games and all no problem, i restart and in windows i have the same information, wich facylitates, the rom updates, or adding more stuff to it. No need for lan transfer or usb. Plus i can modify the games list without restarting emulation station. Thanks for reading and pardon my bad english.

  • @javier-sandoval share partition is created on first boot of recalbox, post flash, using all the free space on hdd.
    So post flash, if you don't boot recalbox directly, and create a fat32/exfat partition on free space (keep 3-5go not used for recalbox. this way it will create the share on ext4 on this space).
    once recalbox started, in Option menu you could choose your fat32/exfat partition in usb/external menu.
    And after a reboot, OS will use this partition instead of the default one (of 3-5go) in ext4.

    I didn't try, but should work.

  • @rockaddicted Well, i strugled to install recalbox after windownds, and the sercret was to format an logical partition first then created the 3 partitions, one fat32 named Boot 100mb, next named Recalbox etx4, then Share fat32, i have 3 separated images wich i use to restore such partitions, after that, i installed the grub boot loader , modify the boot order, and all works good, very good indeed.

  • Yeah, I think a tutorial should be written. I can help you format it or clean it up for easy reading or to make it idiot proof. I installed recalbox on a USB device for portability purposes but I think the way I set it up was not the cleanest way, so if I had other people write what they did and compare it to the way I did mine, i think we can help alot of people out.

  • @javier-sandoval Hi, can you explain me how to install recalbox on 3 partition and install grub with it ? I tried but i didnt succeed. What i did : I first installed recalbox on a disk with none partition with disk burner tool of linux mint live cd. It created 2 partition one boot fat32 and other one ext4. After i installed linux mint on a other partition but the same hdd. And tried to add recalbox to the grub menu but it didnt work. When i run in grub : "linux /zImage" it return "error magic value" or something like that. Sorry for my bad english.

  • @carage post your grub cfg

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