@heatseeker It is not so simple, dual boot with windows is very annoying, you have to redo grub, and originally the SHARE partition is not visible in Windows, as some imagine, because it is in a format that is only recognized by Linux. The most complete tutorial I know is: https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/15678/dualboot-recalbox-windows-sur-pcs-laptops-avec-bios-ou-uefi It's in French, but you can use google translator like I do. If you google search, you'll find other tutorials too, but what I know is this. Recalling that developers do not recommend dual boot, for several factors, but it is possible. I do not know the computer you're quoting, but are you sure it's compatible with Recalbox? I know the current BETA is getting very good, and very compatible, but I can not say it's compatible with the model you mentioned (I'm not saying it's not compatible, I'm making it clear that I do not know this computer model, and I do not know if it is), if you're sure it's compatible, great.