Recalbox 4.1 Stable C64 Controls buggy?

  • Hi.
    Now that there is finally a C64 Emulation featured in Recalbox, I encountered some Problems with the joystick controls. The roms start fine, but it seams my Xbox360 controller doesnt work in the C64 environment. I can get through intro and trainer screens via pressing spacebar, but when I am in the game, there is no function when I press d-pad keys or analog stick. And when I get into C64 GUI I can control the mouse-pointer but the mouse-buttons won't work so I cant' click on anything.
    Does anybody else experience these issues or know a fix/workaround?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @stonejackit The C64 is a computer, it's hard to do anything without a keyboard a mouse ...

  • @substring Yes,...uh I know 🙂 Thing is, everything works fine for me in Retropie, so something seems to be broken in Recalbox.

  • @stonejackit bad retroarch pad mapping ? Remember retrop** is a "you're on your own to configure just every thing" which is not the case with Recalbox ^^ So, the few tests we made showed the emulator was working, but you may dig deeper and help us finish what we may have missed 🙂

  • @substring alright, I'll try do work things out. In the meantime... if anybody has a hint, I'm all ears!

  • @substring C64 was Easilly controlled without a mouse and now we have virtual keyboard so... 😜
    Anyway - out of a box the c64 emulator is completelly useless - for me anyway. Ofcourse it shows the Basic screen, tries to load something (but it fails and shows typical c64 memory garbage on the screen even when trying to load simple .prg file). I managed to enter the vice GUI somehow too, mouse is working but You can't set any options as no buttons work, You can't even resume emulation - only esc button helps and it brings you back to the recalbox menu. Its the same in virtual keyboard.

    I'll try to tinker with default vice core config and will report back.

  • Is there any vice core specific config anywhere or only those few lines in /share/system/configs/retroarch/cores/retroarch-core-options.cfg ?

  • @ejr exactly the same problems here.

  • @vincent-preis ok, there is no reason to tinker in configs. You just have to set your actual controller in recalbox controller config (change default to actual name of controller in use) and that's it.

  • I have run into a problem with the C64 emulation specifically many intros and trainers ask for the run/stop key to exit and play the game - and I cannot find a key that accomplished that = either on a physical keyboard or on the virtual one (I can see two r/s keys on page two of the virtual kb, but nether does anything).

    I might be missing something obvious - but so far a dead end for me.


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