[DOSBOX] Mouse 2 ?

  • Hello !

    I would like to play Settlers 2 in multiplayer split screen.
    To do it, I need to set up a mouse 2.
    I would like to use my PS3 BT controller as mouse 2.
    The solution is probably to use the "serial1" conf in "dosbox.cfg" (on x86 I may set it to "serial1=directserial realport:usb2" for example). But dunno how to set the "port" of my BT controller...

    Any idea how to fix it, please ?

    @voljega and @Dragu : rockaddicted said you could probably help... please :D.

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    You can define a joystick as mouse, and it can also be the joystick from the second player. All you have to do, at game start, push Ctrl+F1 to create and enter a key mapper file for the game.
    Before, in the local dosbox.cfg, you must put a name of your choice for this .map file. He show you clearly mouse directions and mouse buttons in the mapper.

  • Hello @Dragu !
    Thanks for your answer :).
    Sadly, in mlapper, I can only bind mouse 1 event :/.
    I need to set mouse 2 event...
    Or I missunderstood something in the mapper.

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    @jomofcw I was going to respond the same thing, and the dosbox.cfg file for Settlers 2 in ExoDOS Collection doesn't show any custom conf....

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    I understand, but for mouse 2 (I dont know the game) do you have a keyboard alternative for the mouse 2 ? In such case, better if possible to define keyboard use and map the keyboard in the dosbox mapper. If it works here.

  • Hello @voljega !
    Sadly, nop : no custom conf inf the ExoDOS CFG for Settlers 2 :'(.

    @Dragu I've no alternative keyboard/mouse. That's why I would like to use the joystick (here a PS3 BT controller) as mouse 2.

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    @jomofcw said in [DOSBOX] Mouse 2 ?:


    Silly question, you need both mouses at the same moment ?

  • @Dragu yep ! It's a split screen multiplayer mode.
    See it there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vfpx0siF5TU

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    I just try out my setup with crusader, where I need it just for menu and codefield in the game. I defined the second joystick to mouse on my bartop because I want all games functioning without keyboard+mouse connected to my bartop.
    I have a slim bluetooth keyboard, 5mm, who find his place normally between the feets of the bartop. For configurations you need one. So, this keyboard has integrated mousepad. Just for the info.
    When I switch keyboard on, I can use mousepad and joystick 2 together, independant. But I suppose your game specially made for 2 mouse.(and 2 pointers)
    So, if you connect 2 mouse, this should work the same as with a PC. You tried already 2 USB mouses ?

  • Hello !

    I'm finally back with result of test : 2 USB mouses plugged doesn't solve the problem :/. Both work as main mouse, so it move the same pointer.
    Any idea how to get the "name" of the port where both of my mouses are plugged, please ?

  • I've tested many thing in my dosbox.cfg, but it doesn't work 😕
    What I've tryed :
    serial1=directserial realport:com1
    serial1=directserial realport:ttyS0
    serial1=directserial realport:ttyS1
    serial1=directserial realport:ttyS2
    serial1=directserial realport:ttyS3
    serial1=directserial realport:/dev/input/mouse1
    serial1=directserial realport:mouse1

    Nothing fix it...

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    Perhaps it will not be possible at all, seams that in Windows 7 its also not working.
    Perhaps with hardware adapter USB to serial RS232 ? I would first try with cheap
    adapter cable and serial mouse as second. If I understood what is written in the manual.

  • @dragu thanks for your answer again.
    In a comment from your link :
    "In Linux I would translate the USB Mouse output to the COM interface to simulate a serial mouse. That works well, despite of a little laggy 2nd mouse."

    It would be the solution, but I really dunno how to do that, sadly :-(...
    As it's kinda an hadware things, perhaps @Substring or @rockaddicted could help ?

  • @jomofcw can't you add a serial2=directserial realport:/dev/input/mouseX with the /dev/input/mouseX being the right input device ? I know nothing about dosbox configuration

  • @substring I've tryed it with "serial1" and it doesn't work. I'll try with "serial2" instead, to see.

  • @jomofcw You should check how mice are handled in dosbox : if it emulates a PS2 port or several DB9 serial ports.

  • @substring if I understand it well, it does both. Default/main is PS2, but the "serial" cfg enable us to get some DB9 equivalent.

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    @jomofcw dosbox.conf says that about the serial parameters :

    serial1: set type of device connected to com port.
    Can be disabled, dummy, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    Additional parameters must be in the same line in the form of
    parameter:value. Parameter for all types is irq (optional).
    for directserial: realport (required), rxdelay (optional).
    (realport:COM1 realport:ttyS0).
    for modem: listenport (optional).
    for nullmodem: server, rxdelay, txdelay, telnet, usedtr,
    transparent, port, inhsocket (all optional).
    Example: serial1=modem listenport:5000
    Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    serial2: see serial1
    Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    serial3: see serial1
    Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    serial4: see serial1
    Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.

  • @voljega yup, seen.

    That's why I think that solution is about the "realport" option.
    ttySx is link to physical DB9 port linux. That's why I would like to test with ttyUSBx, but it probably need to be defined.
    I will make few more test case tonight.

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