Advanced Emulator Launcher setup in kodi

  • hi im trying to get advanced emulator launcher (AEL) setup with recalbox so i can launch my games from inside of kodi rather than through emulation station but im running into some issues with getting the games to launch

    does anyone have any expiriance with this who could give me some point in the right direction as to how i do this

    i tried setting the emulator as the emulatorlauncher.pyc file then passing the aditional arguments but that didnt work im thinking i might have to set the emulator to python then pass the emulatorlauncher.pyc as a aditional argument?

    id prefer to just link to the emulators directly but i cant seem to find there files to use them also how would i make the emulator use the emulation station controller configs

    again any help you could give me on this would be greatly greatly apreciated

  • @sarge Hi
    It's gonna be kinda complicated from kodi ... ES has much more options regarding what you want to do, namely some options you can't pass to emulatorlauncher. Typically : emulator, core, pads

    No real idea on how you should do that, I never used emulatorlauncher without specifying pads.

  • indeed i was thinking of launching the emulators directly but i have a feeling that that wouldnt work either as im guessing the emulators configs specifically controller configs are wired in heavily to emulationstation so that may cause issues

  • @sarge indeed. But there is worse : environment variables that are set with configgen (the whole name of the process behind emulatorlauncher) ... Anyway, you could try to start emulatorlauncher with just system and rom arguments

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    @substring launch it through es and then do a ps -ef | grep emulatorlauncher to get the full command line with alll arguments it work pretty well that way

  • @voljega the command line depends on plugged pads. The question is to know if his pads stay the same or not

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    @substring yes i know off course but he can't ask too much anyway :op

  • atm they could stay the same sure but for future id probably be upgrading the pads

  • @sarge Then follow voljega's advice to know how controllers are passed over to emulatorlauncher

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    @sarge When you change controllers and configure them through ES then relaunch once through ES and do the ps command again to get the parameters for your new controllers

  • @voljega thanks ill give that a try if i understand it correctly as long as my controllers i wish to use are mapped into ES then theyll work so if i own 2 pads and i map them into ES no matter which i use they will work when i purchase a 3rd pad as long as i drop back to ES add it in through the cotroller menu that will also work

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    @sarge yep that's it the emulatorlauncher command line you'll get through the ps command references all your controllers and their configuration

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