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fba libretro running on recalbox v4.0.0 but not on v4.0.2

  • Guys,

    It's would be appreciated if someone can show me some idea to solved the following issue:
    Currently i have 2 micro SD with different recalbox version (4.0.0 & 4.0.2).
    I found that some of the roms are running well in v4.0.0 but it's totally not working at v4.0.2...
    what problem could it be?
    Oh, by the way ... the game roms that i mention as above is : knight of valour 2.

    Hope to heard idea from you all.
    Thanks in advanced.

  • @eric-chin errrrr missing bios ?

  • @substring i'm not sure about that, which bios file it need for this game?
    initially i already install the MAME 0.133 (Complete BIOS Pack)....what else do we need in order to run this game...? pgm.zip ?

  • @eric-chin if it's a PGM game, of course you do

  • @substring I'm pretty sure already include this file...

  • Staff

    @eric-chin said in

    initially i already install the MAME 0.133 (Complete BIOS Pack)....

    That's essentially wrong. You should use, as stated in the wiki, the bios files from the corresponding fba romset and not just any bios pack.

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