[TUTO] Installing Recalbox on the 8-B Craft "RASPIBOY"

  • First what is the Raspiboy :

    It's a respectfull licence project on kickstarter (pretty hard to find a project like this one so I need to say it ^^)

    An Handled PI0 Retrogaming KIT

    text alternatif

    more detail here :

    So first created for Retropie does it work with Recalbox ?
    Answer : YES VERY WELL ^^

    And this is a quick tuto on how to install it :

    • Burn the 4.1 img to the µSD (you can download it soon ^^ )

    • Edit the Config.txt on the µSD : config.txt

    • Plug a Wifi Key on USB and start

    • Config your WIFI on Recalbox "Network" Menu

    • Go to the Recalbox share from your computer (\\RECALBOX)

    • Navigate to \\RECALBOX\share\system

    • Edit "recalbox.conf"

    • Look for the "global.videomode" setting (near the end) and set it to "default"

    • Immediately reboot your Recalbox by pressing select -> shutdown recalbox

    And voila 😄

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    @screech Thank you for the tuto !

    If i remember correctly you were the first one to speak about here and my one and only qestion is still the same :
    "HDMI output : you can connect RaspiBoy to your big TV and video automatically switch from RaspiBoy to your TV!"

    Does this feature work on Recalbox ?

  • arg ^^ I don't have mini hdmi cable to test 😢

    I'll try to find one somewhere and try to test 😉

    (But What I think : It work when you start your PI, but not in "hotplug" mode)

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    @screech That would be enough 😉 .... but I'm not sure it will work like that because of the config.txt which may require changes n start up wether hdmi cable is connected or not

  • do you think something like a "Script" is possible ?

    (But first I need to find a damn minihdmi cable ^^)

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    @screech yeah we already spoke about that in another subject witsh @substring, it seemed feasible to have like two saved copies of config.txt copied over the config.txt at startup depending on the connection of the cable or not, but it was just a discussion

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    @screech you are doing great work 😄
    I was watching this project too. Is it still available on kickstarter?
    Can you give some experience? How is it? 🙂 I am thinking to get one as well 🙂

  • I should, someday, check how hdmi hotplug works, and how composite takes over if the hdmi discovery failed ... So much to do, as always ...

  • Hi screech, is your screen blurry in émulationstation and in-game?
    I only tried with retropie so far but it looks like the pi is not sending a 320x240 signal to the screen, so there is some downscale and it looks horrible.
    Can you please show a capture of a game running on your raspiboy?

    I made a capture:
    alt text

    Up is raspiboy, down is Gcw zer0

  • @bazola

    Double check your config file, and see if overscan is enabled in the recalbox menu. Something I changed made my screen super sharp after my initial attempt made a blurry screen.

    Also, try rebooting, maybe the emulator started weird. I'm not 100% sure what fixed my system after that weird blurry first boot.

  • @Substring Can we add a section to the wiki for hardware specific guides for popular hardware, like this one? The minty pi 2 is another popular one if anyone could figure out how to make it work.

    @screech Can you write this guide when complete as a wiki page? Make sure to add Substring's suggestion of adding sdtv_progressive_scan=1 to the config.txt file.

  • @dh04000 Write a wiki page for a hickstarter that won't be available again ? Technically, yes, but that's up to the community to translate and maintain it.

  • @substring The raspiboy is going to still be produced after the kickstarter via 8bcraft. He's taking preorders for the September/October batch now.

  • @dh04000 have you tested with and without sdtv_progressive_scan=1 ?
    I can see no difference personnaly.

    Evene more, I can't find where I see it, but I think this sdtv_progressive_scan=1 is just a temporary command for test and was replaced by sdtv_mode=16
    (Need to look for that in the very long issue talking about it ^^)

    And yes why not a wikipage, at least not only for the Raspiboy, but for all 240P screen 😉 (I think the problem is the same on every 240p Screen 😉 )

    EDIT :
    Found it : https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/683#issuecomment-283471444

    I've pushed this change to rpi-update with a slight change.
    sdtv_progressive_scan is no more.
    You should add 16 onto sdtv_mode if you want progressive/240p output.
    That fits slightly more cleanly with how the firmware handles sdtv_mode.


    sdtv_mode=16 # progressive NTSC
    sdtv_mode=0x10 # progressive NTSC (using hex notation)
    sdtv_mode=18 # progressive PAL
    sdtv_mode=0x12 # progressive PAL (using hex notation)

  • So, is it ok to add sdtv_mode=16 in config.txt?

  • To use the stdv_mode=16 you need the last PI firmware. So it's ok with a 4.1 (not available for now, but soon 😉 ) or you need to update the firmware (don't know if it's possible on a 4.0x, remember RPI-Update won't work on recalbox)

    you can try 😉 it won't break anything, at worst it just don't work ^^

  • I'll wait for 4.1 then ^^

  • @screech I'm on 4.01 still. sdtv_progressive_scan=1 in my config.txt after reboot made my screen blurry, like it was alternating the rendering the same frame slightly off center each frame. It was a weird kinda blurry. More blurry is some lines of the screen than other lines.

  • Maybe I read it wrong 😞
    What I understand from the Issue :
    sdtv_progressive_scan=1 was put in february on a "custom firmware" to test
    sdtv_progressive_scan=1 was removed and replaced by sdtv_mode=16 on Mars and pushed to the RPI-Update Github by popcornmix...
    not sure 4.01 are compiled between Feb and Mars 2017... (and with a test firmware ?)

    But Maybe I'm totally wrong ^^ As a French guy I can misunderstand ^^

    The only one who can tell are the Dev guys 😉 Maybe @Substring ?

  • Can't find anything on the net that is reliable and official regarding the value to add in the config.txt to set progressive mode. Looks like http://filthypants.blogspot.fr/2017/03/raspberry-pi-240p-composite-output.html can be fairly trusted as it is the blog of HunterK, one of the core devs of Retroarch.

    So yes, adding 0x10 (=16) to the desired sdtv_mode would set progressive. I wonder how would the Brazilian PAL look ...
    So NTSC progressive = 16, PAL progressive = 18

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