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    merci à @manatlan pour m'avoir donné l'idée de ce script et l'envie de faire du python 😉

    found there : https://github.com/Voljega/scripts4recalbox/tree/master/FullAuditRom

    This script allows you to launch an audit of all your roms

    It will display for each rom the following information :
    "System Of The Rom" "Name of The Rom" "Rom File Exists" "Rom Scrape Image Exists" "Rom Is Scraped" "Rom is Hidden" "Rom Full Path" "Rom Scrape Image Full Path"

    Script usage is simple : copy it where you like in the share partition then execute it with python FullAuditRom.py
    Additionaly you can limit the systems you want to audit directly on the command line i.e. python SystemSorter.py snes gb

    The audit file can then be found at the end of the process in /recalbox/share

    How it works

    The script uses the /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg to get the list of systems and the extensions of their roms.
    For every non-excluded system it then get the full list of roms and match them with the gamelist.xml of the system.

    French Version :

    Ce script vous permet de lancer un audit complet de vos roms

    Pour chaque rom il va lister les informations suivantes :
    "Système de la rom" "Nom de la rom" "Fichier de la rom existant" "Image de scrape de la rom existante" "Rom scrapée" "Rom cachée" "Chemin complet du fichier de la rom" "Chemin complet de l'image de la rom"

    L'utilisation est simple : copiez le script où vous souhaitez dans la partition share and lancez là avec python FullAuditRom.py
    Vous pouvez aussi limiter les systèmes à auditer avec des arguments supplémentaires : python SystemSorter.py snes gb

    Le fichier d'audit se trouvera à la fin du processus dans /recalbox/share

    Comment ça marche

    Le script utilise /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg pour obtenir la liste des systèmes et les extensions de leur roms
    Pour chaque système non exclus il récupère ensuite la liste complète de ses roms et la fait correspondra avec les informations du gamelist.xml du système.

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    @voljega Nice work!
    Could this script be used to show the scraped image, Name of the game and the Systemname on a secondary screen? Like a screen in a cartridge? 🙂

  • @voljega Hey great idea !

    2 suggestions :

    • add a wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Voljega/scripts4recalbox/master/FullAuditRom/FullAuditRom.py -O FullAuditRom.py command to your tutorial
    • Make sure it doesn't fail when no gamelist is found 😉
    # python FullAuditRom.py 
    found 1 roms for amstradcpc
    unscraped roms left : 0
    found 0 roms for apple2
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "FullAuditRom.py", line 114, in <module>
        genCSV(parseSystems(systems if len(paramSystems) ==0 else paramSystems))
      File "FullAuditRom.py", line 86, in parseSystems
        pSystems.append(System(system.name, system.extension, gameListExtraction(system,roms)))
      File "FullAuditRom.py", line 24, in gameListExtraction
        games = etree.parse(gamelistFile, parser=parser).findall(".//game")
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/ElementTree.py", line 1182, in parse
        tree.parse(source, parser)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/etree/ElementTree.py", line 647, in parse
        source = open(source, "rb")
    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/recalbox/share/roms/apple2/gamelist.xml'

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    @lackyluuk hmmm what you want would be more about the currently launched game no ? Someone posted a script about that a while ago

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    @substring i'll do that but should'nt the gamelist.xml be created in any case by emulation station ? I have a lot of systems i don't use but the script didn't fail on my side

  • @voljega This is a vanilla install, no roms ni the appleII folder, and I've run the "update gamelists" in ES already, so no exmpty gamelist.xlm is created in such case

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    @substring ok anyway it's already fixed 😛

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