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Dragonrise USB keeps switching player 1 and 2

  • Ok. This one is driving me a bit nuts. I could use a second opinion.

    I purchased these controllers and am connecting it to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I'm running RecalBox 4.0.2.


    I wired them exactly the same. I'm only using 6 buttons per player (A/B/X/Y, Start, Select, and re-using Select as the hotkey).

    In general, they work fine. Recalbox recognizes them as #0 Dragonrise Generic USB Joystick and #1 Dragonrise Generic USB Joystick.

    The problem is that Recalbox keeps making the player 1 control player 2. And player 2 is always player 1. I try to reverse these on the controller settings for Input 1 and 2. However, it doesnt make a difference.,

    Any thoughts? Is there something I can edit in one of the configuration files?

  • Staff

    @puskarich it is mostly just a wiring/connection order problem.
    You can look for it on the forum and that's always the solution.

  • Ok. I've been looking through for forums, but havent found anything that helps yet.

    One thing I noticed when looking in the es_input.cfg file, both are trying to use the same device GUID. Is that an issue or should I be seeing multiple devices for player 1 and 2?

    I'll recheck the wires. There aren't many.

  • Staff

    @puskarich recheck the wires and configure only P1 on ES.

  • Here is an update.

    I configure player 1. Everything works fine. I can even restart the Pi and it remembers the setting.

    I then configure player 2. Everything works fine, except for the fact that the player 2 controls are now player 1.

    Now, here is the odd part....I remove the two USB cables from the Pi and swap USB ports. It fixes the problem. Player 1 controls are now recognized as Player 1 in ES. I can restart the Pi and it remembers the setting.

    So, the "fix" is to swap the USB cables/ports on the Pi for ES to recognize them properly.

    Any thoughts or comments on why this may the case and why it fixes it?

  • Staff

    @paradadf said in Dragonrise USB keeps switching player 1 and 2:

    @puskarich it is mostly just a wiring/connection order problem.

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